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With her usual superb attention to detail, Vila Spiderhawk brings us another stunning novel. One of learning, of joy, of pain, of loss, of rebirth and life altering decisions.

Being the proud owner of Vila’s two previous novels, Hidden Passages and Finding Home, I see that she has grown and spread her wings with each one. This book reaches the pinnacle of beauty from the other two and I found myself entranced, unable to stop reading. Vila’s own life is reflected in this book. Her travels and her cooking are reflected here, for those who are aware of her other passions.

I have read this wonderful tale of spiritual growth and it was such a delightful experience! Vila Spiderhawk can bring conversations to life like no other author I’ve encountered, and her wonderful passages and the discussions that her characters have are easy to read and understand. The reader becomes as one with them, which is as it should be.

Each of her characters is beautifully crafted. They come alive for the reader and one can empathize with each of them in a manner in which Spiderhawk has no equal. A truly beautiful book and one which Vila’s fans will be clamoring to own. Those of you, who have not had “The Spiderhawk Experience”, should do so now! You will be thrilled with your book.

Jo Gray. Author of Tails from the Cat Basket.


Forest Song: Little Mother is magnificent. It is such a moving story. It took me on an emotional roller coaster. I laughed and cried as I watched Judy grow into a woman. This is a book that all women should read, since it explores all aspects of being a woman and the magic that is within all of us. Dawn Thomas, editor of Oracle ezine


Once again SpiderHawk has come through with a gripping, engaging story interwoven with the wisdom of the ages. Forest Song: Little Mother is powerful! I could not put it down! This is a must read book! Helen Collins, editor and publisher of Folk Music Ministry magazine

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