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Have you ever read the book of Ruth and wondered how it is she made the choice to stick with Naomi?

What was the difference between her choice and Orpah’s, since they both had been close to Naomi and both originally wanted to accompany her to Israel?

What was it about Naomi that Ruth committed herself to being with her no matter where she went?

What was it about leaving Moab to go to a land she never visited that spurred her on?

Have you ever thought about Ruth’s attitude in following Naomi’s advice when in a culture not native to her?

Let’s Pray

Father God, thank you for placing this wonderful, insightful book in Your word for us to learn from and study. You are a relational God, and this book is about relationships that transcend culture. It is a book about how love transcends culture. Help us to see what you want us to see in these pages and embrace what we learn and apply it to our walk with You and those You place across our path.

We also left our land and way of life behind when we embraced You and chose to follow Your way of life and love. Sustain us like You sustained Ruth and continue to give us a new life just like You did Ruth. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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