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Sandra Novack (Precious - Random House) Visiting Cynthia's Attic

Tuesday, March 24, author, Sandra Novack will visit Cynthia's Attic. I recently heard her speak at a library event, and was so impressed by her genuine love for her craft, her latest novel, Precious, and for the characters that grace the pages of this amazing book.
Sandra Novack Bio:

I was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, in 1972. When I was little, my brother used to hide me in his paper route bag and then come home and tell my mother he'd lost me somewhere in town. It was like a great secret the two of us shared, one only given away by an inevitable laughing spell.

My sisters and brothers were older than me by ten to fifteen years, and I spent much of my time tagging along after them, stealing their rock-and-roll albums, and imitating their every word and action. In some ways, I was as much raised by them as by my parents. Or, as I like to tell people, I was raised by a band of gypsies. They are my tribe, my family.

Precious is dedicated to my sister, Carole, who left home when I was seven.

Please tune in Tuesday, March 24, for an interview you won't soon forget!

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