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He sits on the back porch in darkness.
Holding his face in his hands,
He sobs hard in his helplessness,
So tired and beaten down.
Sick at heart of being her verbal punching bag,
And her personal kick ball and blaming wall.
How did it get like this?

When will she stop these tantrum tirades?
This she monster with eyes dark full of hate,
Her mouth twisted into ugliness,
It spitting out only words full of vicious poison.
Words that slice and dice with perfect intent,
Leaving him cut deep into his heart and soul.
Never does she repent!
Where did the sweet tongued beauty he knew go?

He sees the look of flight or fight on the kids face,
More now then ever before.
Each child waking from nightmares afraid,
Dreaming someone is chasing them.
His nightmare is that one day she’ll start on them.
Has she when he’s not around?
He rubs his arm where the kitchen knife stuck him,
And he wipes his eyes.

Bravely he whispers to the air around him,
I have to stop her soon, get her help!
Her help!
Can’t even help myself….
One day he’ll stop her.
He swears he will.
If he would or could just stand up to her!
Just grab her and …
And …
Stop her…
Dam it he murmurs,
When did I stop being a man….

© 2009 CreativeVibes

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