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This is my first ever published novella! Available at, Barnes&, and
Price for soft cover book: $12
Price for E-Book: $6

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BOOK OVERVIEW: Dreams…what are they, and why do we have them? I have ventured into the realms of the unconscious. Questioning the persona within my dreams, on the secrets of the dream realms. I have returned with answers that will shock, and leave you spellbound. Join me in my first true-life book of the theories, and realities of the worlds that await us behind closed eyes. I wrote this book, following true events in my life. I’ve been writing from the age of eighteen, and now I’m thirty-five. With so many years in the literary field, I feel my story is ready to be shared with others. It may seem like pure Fiction when you read it. Yet, keep it in mind as you do read that it is far from the realm of mere storytelling. All my life, I have relied upon Dreams to keep me sane. Growing up, my dreams were my only true escape from the harsh reality, some call life.

Thank You,
Chad Fleagle

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