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Something You Should Know About…Dear Randy Gage

Something amazing has come up that I know you will want to know about right away!

I’m sure you’re aware of Randy Gage and the work he does. Randy is one of the preeminent experts on Network Marketing in the world today. He’s been a successful distributor, introduced the business in new countries, been a marketing director for a company, and consults with some of the highest earning distributors on the planet.

I got a chance to watch Randy work a few years back. I actually rode with him, going with him from meeting to meeting, and seeing just what he can do. The man knows the business!

Anyway, you’ve probably heard me recommend his “How to Earn at Least $100,000 a Year in Network Marketing” audio album before. It’s the number one selling training album in industry history. It’s been heralded by a “who’s who” of the top distributors of at least 20 different companies. And that’s why I’m writing you today…

Randy just replaced it! Based on his successes the last few years, developments like the Internet, and the dramatic changes in the marketplace, he wanted to create an all-new, all-fresh, nothing-but-how-to-build-a-HUGE-network resource. And he did!

This new resource is called:
Duplication Nation:
How to Build a Massive Network Marketing Direct Selling Organization

I knew you would want to know about it right away. It is the most advanced, state-of-the-art instruction on how to construct a huge, growth-driven network of distributors and customers ever done. You will learn the SCIENCE of building a large group. This powerful resource will teach you how to:

•Find quality prospects;
•Qualify them;
•Make compelling presentations;
•Sponsor them in a way that duplicates; and,
•Teach your people how to replicate this process!

This is the most advanced training on the discipline of building an organization that has ever been offered. It has twelve modules to teach you how to set up a complete step-by-step system to grow your organization. And if your organization already has a system in place – this program will teach you skill sets that work in your existing system.

The advanced training in the later modules on working in depth, keeping a group motivated, running recognition programs and how to deploy your leaders has never been shared outside his organization before. This is the powerful stuff that will show you how to build a network in the tens of thousands. Really.

You can get an audio CD version, a video DVD one, or my favorite, the Leadership Kit (Which has both the audio and video, as well as extra Study Guides, so you can replicate the training through your organization.). All versions also come with a tracking chart, inspirational poster, flash cards, and extra counseling sheets. It’s hot!

And it’s what you need right now if you want to start out 2009 with some smoking big bonus checks. Really.

I don’t want to do a whole commercial on it; see for yourself. You can get all the details at:

I hope you are doing great. I’ll talk to you soon.

Harold S. McCorkle

P.S. There is a special introductory price from the publisher right now for this special launch, plus you can get Randy’s How to Build a Multi-level Money Machine eBook for free. So get it while the special price is still available!

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