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And so, she passed away. After almost 29 years living with her daughter and me, her daughter's husband, she passed away. It was Tuesday, 12 January at about 0530. She had refused to eat or drink those last three days. Her breathing was so shallow-stoking is what they call it-shallow and short. She just went to sleep and everything stopped. My wife called me to come home-I'd been at work for almost a hour-she was crying almost uncontrollably. She was alone with her mom when it happened. I got home about 0610, called 911 even though I knew it was too late. In just a few minutes, the entire third shift police department showed up-at least it seemed as though the whole southeast division came. Then the fire department with the paramedics came-we had to show them her DNR so they wouldn't waste time and resources. The police officer in charge was kind enough to call the crisis team and soon a man showed up-yes, he was a great help. In due time we had a case number and ME waiver. The crematory service came and she was taken away. Did anyone ever notice how a person can look larger than life in life and so utterly small when not? So, now there aren't any diapers to change, special diet to attend to, bed baths, good morning greatings, helloes and good byes with someone so special-they are so needed. The house is so quiet-even the dogs are a bit hushed these days.

So-In Memory of Frieda Theresa Berry
Beloved Mother and Mother-In-Law
November 21, 1923 to January 12, 2010

I apologize for not messaging all this time-I hope to find time much more often-I have so much making up to do but, I hope everyone understands.

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