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I live in the beautiful State of Maine, my husband was at the University of Maine when Stephen King was, and I write fiction. I used to live in Bangor but my husband got transferred to Portland and then we moved back to our Mid-Coast hometown of Owls Head. I have gone past Stephen King's home several times, I've been a fan , read most of his books, and I write fiction. I've gone past the ball field that Stephen King built for the little leaguers, three of my children graduated from UMO with a forth attending now, and I write fiction. Anyone making a connection here? No? Didn't think so, but you can't blame me for trying.

I suppose since that didn't work I will just throw out the differences. I'm a woman, he's a man, I live in a small house, he lives in a rather large one, and I'm not famous, he is. The gulf is widening with our differences. Okay, here's a couple more, he is a successful author, I am not and he is the master of horror and I am the master of nothing.

Why state the obvious? Well, the differences once were not so far apart. He wrote and he wrote and he finally did what all writers want to do, get published. He didn't have any money once and felt despair just like the rest of us. I think since Carrie was made into a movie and catapulted him into the realm of great writers thats when the gulf between us widened. Before that, not so different, other than what we write. His story is a great one and I repeat some of it here to remind us all that he started where we did. An idea for a story and the perseverence to write till it was finished.

The moral of my story? I don't have one but if I was to give it one, I would say, don't stop believing in what you do, don't let anyone make you feel small, and pray your book gets made into a movie. Only kidding, sort of. I would say, even the biggest author started with an unknown name and novel once.

Any producers want to read my book?

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