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Are you dreading going to work every day? Do you have a fight-or-flight response? If you do, your body is pumping out adrenaline and other stress hormones which will definitely make out very sick or may even kill you in the end. Miserable work life may make you sick physically and mentally. The stress-inducing and unsupportive style of management practice by your boss may have nothing to improve individual performance or organizational productivity. But the fact that this boss is a bootlicker and there is nothing you can do to fight back. You will surely have an increased risk of heart attack. You may also end up with high blood pressure, sleep problems, and anxiety. Some others also end up with unhealthy behaviours like smoking, excessive drinking and overeating.


Your boss may be hypercritical, inept, or one of those who always blame others for the problems he has.  In some parts of the world, it is common to see bosses who are not ready for the job, simply because they belong to a certain political party or a certain religious group. Does he also hurl obscenities or make unwanted sexual advances at the work place? I have heard of sexual favours from all his female subordinates, if they wanted to remain working in that oil company! When this guy stresses you to a destructive manner, and there is no chance for you to request for a transfer, the best solution is to quit. What is money compared to your health?


The evil and cruel boss is able to hang around partly because he is best in splitting people and playing favourites. He has a network of informers so that his subordinates don’t trust anybody. If you are on the bottom of his list, it is a routine that he will always dismiss whatever suggestions you have made, and he will magnify whatever errors you have committed.


Political conspiracy and prosecution are not only confined to the political arena. In most parts of the world, they do spill into the boardrooms of the private concerns.

His criticism may only hinge on fraud allegations. Why is corruption so prevalent? Can you face the tormentors head-on? These bosses normally have scowl and sulky expression.  The complaints on you are heavy on claims and light on evidence.  They also have to heave and grown to win attention. How do you survive and thrive in a tough economy? Real-life situation is not easy to handle. You see the good men beating the bad men only in cinema.


Workplace bullying is a social problem in any country.  About 24% of Singapore employees said they were victims of bullying.  One example is you have to work many late nights, not given a black and white work contract or company benefits.  Many women also experienced sexual harassment  and 30% of them said the harassment was repeated. Some bullies use  derogatory and belittling terms, or the threat of termination or withholding of promotion, if an employee refuses to go on date or offer sexual favours.  How to you prove to the court that man requested sexual favour?


In some countries you may seek legal options with a lawyer. But there are also countries where the President or the Prime Minister can terminate the service of the judges.  Do you think the judges will  see to  it that justice is done?  So do you still want to hand over the case to the Court?


Another form of bulling is to sabotage your work progress, or destroying the assignment papers from your tray when you are not around.


From my observation, these ferocious tyrants  are having psychological issues themselves. One example is their own troubled upbringing. Another example might be that their parents mollycoddled them since they were toddlers.

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