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I’m a story teller, a fibber some might say
I tell long elaborate tails, with themes and foreplay
I gather information
I look into mankind
I reach deep down inside
My dreams give me an outline
My life gives me a theme
My struggles allow emotion
Deepening my want for extremes
Intensifying the value in between;

When I tell you a story
I want it to seem real
I want you to gasp, to shout, to pout…

The fuel that’ll send you back again
I want you to tell someone because you are so moved.

When I read them myself I have to be intrigued surprised that I cannot ever criticize
Enjoyment must be received;
I want to bring you the best that I can,
To bring reading back again

Fairy tails that make you dream out loud,
become addicted and most of all read it all over again.

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