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Tech-Savvy Author Interview - Gary Val Tenuta

While going through our BookBuzzr site and widget statistics the other day, our team came across a book that has been receiving a phenomenal number of page views and reader interest. So we tracked down the author - Gary Val Tenuta - to find out how he's driving all this traffic to his site and to his book-preview pages in BookBuzzr format. This interview will be valuable to anybody looking for ideas to market their book on the Internet.

BookBuzzr: Gary, tell us about yourself.
Gary: In addition to being a writer I'm also a graphics illustrator and I create book cover art for other authors. I've always been fascinated by ancient mysteries and paranormal phenomena and anything that generally comes under the heading of the "unexplained". My articles and illustrations have been published in Fate Magazine in the U.S. and Beyond Magazine in the U.K. I'm currently working on a new novel, an occult/mystery/crime/thriller, called Ash: Return of the Beast. The cover art and some teaser information can be seen here.

BookBuzzr: Tell us about your book - The Ezekiel Code
Gary: The idea for The Ezekiel Code came to me a little more than 10 years ago while sitting in an all-night diner with my lady friend, Julie. We were talking about the UFO phenomenon and it reminded me of something I had noticed many years earlier when, ironically, I was teaching Sunday school classes. While reading the book of Ezekiel in the Bible I was fascinated by the prophet's detailed descriptions of the object that came down from the sky and with which he had extensive encounters. Ezekiel referred to this object as "the Lord". However, it struck me that what he was describing seemed much more like a mechanical craft than any sort of spiritual entity. Here was a man living in ancient times, thousands of years ago, whose only notion of technology was limited to something as advanced as a donkey pulling a cart. It was clear to me that if he did encounter a truly advanced technology he would be terribly limited in his vocabulary when it came to describing this thing. But when his words are read through modern eyes it seems obvious to me that he was doing his best to describe what today we would call a UFO or an extraterrestrial craft. So, sitting there with my friend in the diner, it occurred to me that such a scenario would make a great sci-fi movie. I knew I had no way of making such a movie but I was pretty sure I could write a novel somehow based on this idea.


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