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The Announcement: Village Authors Now on

Please, take a moment and read!

First, we are authors.

Since our inception, we at and iFOGO Village have been dedicated to doing all we can to encourage and assist authors in the promotion of themselves and their works. We devote a lot of time and energy, and do so from pure commitment; this is not a path to wealth.

Recently, we provided info on how to make your images and, consequently, your web pages load faster. Some of you took note. Other features have been offered, and many more are coming.

Initially, our concept was that iFOGO Village be the social networking component for authors. We then decided to open up the Village to all authors. We are happy we did.

For those who have taken a thorough walk through, what must strike you, in addition to the site itself, is the absence of ad banners and click-throughs. We hope to keep it that way, as much as possible.

What happens in the future will depend on the support we receive from you.


For the Next Few Hours, ending September 18, 12:01 A.M. EDT, residents of iFOGO Village May Obtain The Following Features & Benefits:

1. Harness the Power & Presence of Connect With Readers/Buyers!
Get your own website
that displays and promotes your personal, existing web site as it exists.

In other words you will have When you do, click and what you will immediately see at that url is “Your Web Site” via

2. Your design and layout remains as it exists.

For example, see:

Your existing site remains a separate entity, unaffected by this.

Note what you see is the same as the author’s actual web site


A. Place Your Presence Before Readers/Buyers!
B. This provides authors the advantages presented by the connection with the iFOGO name we have and are establishing.
C. Authors also benefit from the association with our Google penetration search engine optimization, and Google Analytics.
D. Your site and name shows in our search engine.
E. Your web site gains additional exposure across the web.

3. Your Author iFOGO placement will appear on under a menu tab: Books+Authors and "Village Authors."

4. You may also have an email address. For example: The email address will forward to an existing email address you designate.

5. In addition, those who obtain all this will also have included. This gives them the ability to send their book-jackets as e-card.

Those who are already Premium, Basic Plus or (See Details) members will receive all this for free. Others, instead of having to become Premium Members will subscribe as Basic Plus Members.

5. Also included is membership in our iFOGO Village Author+Plus group that permits author members to market their non-author products and skills.

We can provide the tools but each author must daily promote and use these tools to attract and engage readers/buyers!

This unique offer is for iFOGO Village Members to take advantage of for the ext Few Hours, ending September 18, 2009 at 12:01 A.M. EDT.

To Begin Maximizing Your Promotion Opportunity, Go Here!

* This offer is for present iFOGO Village Authors and those who become members before this offer ends.
Ends: September 19, 2009 12:01 A.M.EDT

Coming! Your WordPress Blog placed here, on iFOGO Village. More to come!

Gene Cartwright
& The iTeam

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