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This is an account of a boy Isiac as he grows into a man. Isiac learns simple but essential skills like fishing and hunting and excels in it. Through his journey, we get to know how these skills eventually help him with his survival. He has to protect and feed his family during the great depression, which hones his skills. He is later drafted into the army and eventually becomes a spy. This is a stunning account of how little things can shape one's life and come in handy at the times we least expect it to.

Our childhood determines our future. We see the boy Isiac planning ahead during his survival years and how that helps during his army time to expect and have plans in place for possibilities. He's also multilingual having understood the importance of survival and how different skills come in handy and eventually becomes one of the forerunners when spying units are set-up. Written by Jay M. Johnson, this book is riveting and moves at a fast pace. A must-read for historical or documentary lovers.

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