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It is normal to be angry. It is only wrong if you cannot control yourself in anger. We are who we choose to be. In the Promised Land, friendship was tested and the very issues of life are in the balance.


As he laid down to rest, God came into the tent. He walked to the side of the bed where Moses had laid down to sleep. “Moses!” He tapped him on the shoulder and Moses woke up. As he raised his head to check who had tapped him, he saw a bright light by the side of his bed. God cleared His throat and said, “We need to talk, Moses.” The bright light shone even brighter as the figure of God stood tall with crossed arms.

Moses rolled out of the bed and sat up. He lowered his head and avoided eye contact with God. “I am listening, My Lord!”

“Not here,” God smiled faintly. “Follow me!” He turned and walked quietly out of the tent. Moses rose from the bed and followed Him.

They had a walk out onto the field. After covering a good distance, and a huge silence hung between them, God cleared His throat and said, “You have done enough for these people, Moses. Your time is up. Leave the people alone and go to Mountain Abarim and die!”

Shocked, Moses said, “I don’t understand, My Lord.”

“You are a good man. You have done enough for mankind. It is time you stepped aside for another to lead,” God revealed, gazing into space.

“Why? But I am still young? I can carry on much longer,” Moses protested.

“No. you cannot. You are old. It is my grace that has brought you this far, Moses. You have done well. Another must lead.”

“My lord, you sound as though you have not forgiven me,” Moses cried. He began to sob gently.

God gave Moses a pat on the back. “I have forgiven you, my friend. The truth is, you need a break. There are chances that you will offend me again and I don’t want that to happen. I love you, Moses. As you know, you are the meekest man on earth. You have served me well enough. You deserve a break.”

“I am a just judge. I don’t want you to offend me again. How can I kill or destroy a man that I so much love? Moses, it is not your fault. The people are also part of the reason you did what was wrong in my sight. Listen, you should be happy that I will bury you myself. Such are only reserved for men of good conscience. Go now.”

Moses shook his head as tears began to roll down his face.

“Don’t cry, Moses. I have nothing to lose if I bury you,” God smiled.

It was a hard move, but what could Moses do? He wiped his tears with the back of his hand and walked away. God watched as Moses walked up to the mountain. 





The City Heroes and other stories from the Heart of Africa


Love, War & Glory

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