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Hello everyone, so nice to be here. I published my recent work, The Queen's Gambit not so long ago, and it is available in online bookshops in, and in the US and Europe. I bet you might have heard of African literature before, or even read one or two.

Ever wondered what it might be like watching a super, action movie flick set in a spirited African kingdom? Well, here's your chance to delight and entertain yourself with this epic, classic crime fiction. It's impressive characterization, the intensity of its plot and the riveting suspense leading you from one page to another in feverish suspense, will make you feel you're watching a movie while reading! That's what every reader, who'd read the book keep saying, and they kept asking how I did it. What might your own opinion be? Grab your copy now and feel the heat for yourself. Also available as e-book on kindle.

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