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The Seance : Not really Good, But Not Bad Either

The Seance : Not Really Good, But Not Bad Either.

The Séance By Heather Graham

This is more of a random book thrown into mix. Like the reviews aren’t random enough. This one is a supernatural mystery called, “The Séance” by Heather Graham apparently is a New York Time best seller auditor, who seems to be unknown by myself and everyone I know. This one I grabbed out of a free box at a yard sale. It had water damage, a torn cover and smelled like perfume. But regardless of its condition I read it anyways.

So what is it about? It is about a woman who inherits the family home after her parents die. At a welcoming party her friends, neighbors and cousins play around with a Ouija board. But unknowingly, Christina welcomes a ghost into the house by doing it. The ghost is Beau Kidd, a man who was killed because he was framed as the Interstate Killer. Meanwhile twelve years after his death, the continued killings began adding to more proof that he is innocent. The book follows Christina as she come to terms with the fact that she can see the dead and discover the truth behind Beau‘s death. Meanwhile Jed, who is private investigator looking into the new murders and is trying to find the killer. And there really is nothing beyond that. It’s a very mediocre plot.

So the good? It has good pacing. When it starts to get boring, it always jumps to something new bringing the story forward. Also its not predictable.

The bad? The story characters were a bit shallow. The fact that the book belonged to a perfume addict wasn’t good. (Hopefully you don’t go looking in free boxes for this novel if you’re interested.) But the biggest problem had to do with a element in the story. It’s set in a area of the US with a lot of Irish. I get that. And killer only kills red heads. But I find it so hard to worry about if the killer will kill one of the main characters when they can prevent it by dying their hair. I mean I can’t get around that. Hair dye would solve the whole problem.

So overall, I really don’t know how to rate this. I mean it’s not bad, but not that good either. It’s actually kind of mind numbing. You read it because it’s almost interesting. Nothing very exciting happens, but doesn’t bore. It’s kind of pacifier. I guess it’s like when you turn on the TV in the middle of the day, then you can’t find the remote and you just watch whatever’s on. You watch because its there, not because you necessarily want to. I don’t know any other way to describe it. I mean if you like murder mysteries this maybe for you. But for the rest of us, I can’t really recommend it.

1 1/2 smoothie out of four.

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