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The Simple Uses of herbal Teas and Indian Spices

I want to share part of my book with you!


The following information is most helpful for many ailments, the herbal spices and unique herbal teas, to the top cures from around the world, of the best traditional medicine, and of the different remedies for a younger looking skin.

Read on to find out what can make the many changes in your life, and improve your lifestyle too

I have great interested in new herbal treatments, for cures or preventions of rare or the common illnesses.  

The modern time we live in is often focused on modern technology but what about the traditional herbs which many tribes have used for centuries and are still using these remedies to heal and relieve pain?

Don’t you think it is time to try something new if you haven't as yet?

Scientists are trying to prove which plants from the Amazon jungle is  helpful in the prevention of many illnesses, including the different cancers, so you see,  there is nothing to be afraid of.

 Always speak to your doctor or an herbalist if you are not sure about consuming any herbal product, you need to be reassured by a professional. 

Living life the natural way does allow people to heal. Side effects are noticed, just like if you were prescribed an antibiotic for instance, don’t you have certain effects afterward? 

The difference here, you require moderation, the key to consuming herbs in the healthiest way.  Any herb can be consumed providing you don't over dose.  Most herbs are bitter-tasting but are beneficial to you.

In my opinion I am pleased to say herbs are one of the greatest ways of surviving your good health. I started believing, and tried herbal cures when my husband was faced with a challenge of prostate cancer. 

In 1997 he had to go for the proper examination and wasn't sure what to do when the result were positive.  

In the doctor's opinion surgery was the answer to remove the cancerous tumor.  We didn't stop there!

 While at the neurologist we heard of another case same as my husband, after talking to the nurse she gave us the patient's telephone number. We immediately contacted the patient with the prostrate problem we were delighted to move on.

The patient was brave and avoided surgery, he went for the last option, he decided to try Stinging Nettle Tea and Willow Tea, which he drank three times daily to avoid surgery and to kill the cancer cells, it worked well for him, and he survived the ordeal. 

Time wasn't wasted my husband did exactly that and all cancerous cells disappeared.  It encouraged me to do the same when I had menstrual problems, excessive bleeding and cervical issues.  Herbal teas, including Green tea are some of the best cures or healing herbs, if you try then only would you know....


Ajowan has the same flavor like thyme. You should crush this spice before using, a process of releasing the oils and the flavor.

A Blend used in toothpastes and cosmetics. Used as treatment for diarrhea, a home-made remedy for indigestion, colic, and has helped people for other ailments, especially, like the relief of asthma and arthritis.
A Plant found in the grounds of India; use three drops of oil ailments experienced.


Allspice is a combination of spices from cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and nutmeg. It has been mistaken for black pepper in Spain. A unique spice compared to other herbal spices.

The Allspice berries are grown in the rainforests of South and Central America where it grows wild of the evergreen tree.  This spice comes from Jamaica, with a well-suited climate and soil.  It was once used to cure meat in some parts of the world, as believed in the ancient times.


Amchur is used in a form of powder from unripe dry mangoes, used with turmeric; the whole fruit can be sliced and dried in open spaced areas with direct sunlight. The mango tree is grown in India, and is one of the oldest trees to be cultivated for its fruit; it has spread to most parts of the world including South Africa. 

 A tree that prefers tropical climates is a family of the cashew and pistachio nut.

The mango is popular in many foods, now used in chutneys, or pickles and has an acidic taste. It is  mostly used in Indian cooking for flavoring curries, and soups, is beige in color when in powder form and with a tangy taste.

A taste of satisfaction for grilled foods can be used as a marinade and in most cuisines. In Asian regions the Amchur spice is used as a dye, it was some time ago, the leaves of the mango tree was fed to cows and afterward their urine was used as a yellow dye. Many traditional methods were used for herbs and spices centuries ago. While still green this fleshy fruit is sometimes eaten with curry powder and salt, by most Indians. Add Amchur powder to your required taste.


 Angelica Plant


Angelica was first grown in the Northern part of Europe, but was only recognized much later. Thousands of years ago it was used to protect the young from evil. Tobacco was made from the fresh preserved roots and used as snuff to the American Indians.  It was discovered in the early times that Angelica was used by Virginian Indians for their beliefs.

Fennel, parsley, chervil, carrots and parsnips, are also perennial plants. Angelica has green to white flowers. It has leaf stalks like celery, and grows in damp areas.

All the parts of this herb are eaten. The roots and stems contain an essential oil that has a licorice flavor which is used for perfumery, the leaf stalks which look like celery are sometimes used as a vegetable, the seeds are used in cookies and sweets, and the stems can be candied and used in cake decorating.  

The young leaves are added to fruit or leaf salads. The small flowers are good in fruit salads and cream cheeses, because it reduces acidity, used in orange marmalade, sorbets and fruit syrups.  An herb not easily found.

The herbal spice is used for increasing a person's appetite; the tea is made from its leaves which is used for the calming of the nerves and is a healing herb for digestion.

When handling the plant, gloves are required to protect your hands and under no circumstances should pregnant women and anyone who is diabetic use this spice.  If the seeds and the stem are used in small amounts, it is safe for an individual, but excessive use of fresh roots is poisonous.   




Annatto is used as a spice and to dye items, and can be utilized in many other ways, like in the coloring of confectionery, butter, smoked fish and cheeses, cosmetics and in textile manufacturing.  It has a bright and exotic appearance and is used in many kinds of dishes. 

A spice used in soups, or other normal daily cooking. The seeds are red with a sweet and peppery taste. Annatto seeds are put into hot water until the actual color is obtained after washing and drying from the pod, thereafter it is used for coloring rice and other stocks. 

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