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My name is Ophelia Julien and I write about ghosts and the supernatural/paranormal. I believe in a lot of the unbelievable, so I don't know why I would find it surprising that Martin Bartloff, the owner of this blog, would eventually wind up becoming my friend. I mean, I believe in ghosts. So how odd can it be to have a friend who practices the Law of Attraction, writes to music the same way I do, finds connections between random events and people before those connections become apparent, and makes things happen? If he weren't my friend, he would scare me about seven ways from Sunday.

That said, Martin has also written a YA book, something near and dear to my heart, and like most writers, he has a picture in his head of the actor he would like to play the lead character if (in Martin's case, when) this novel gets made into a movie. That actor is a young man who, by some cosmic coincidence, happened to grow up in my home town of Glen Ellyn, Illinois. (Bear in mind that Martin lives about seven states away from me and we've never met face to face: I told you Martin was scary). The actor's name is Ryan Kelley, and part of the reason for this blog is to act as an APB: Do you know where Mr. Kelley is???

Martin's book, Torn From Normal, is due to debut from Quake Press ( later this year. Because my writing colleague is the sort of person who really likes to get all his ducks in a row, we figured it's not too early to start trying to find Mr. Kelley so that he can consider the part. You've heard of "six characters in search of an author"? Think of this as 1.5 writers in search of an actor. We know he's out there somewhere!

And Ryan Kelley is very talented. If you've never heard of him, do yourself a favor and google "Prayers for Bobby," one of his more recent movies (with Sigourney Weaver). The trailer alone will wring your heart. If anyone can pull off this role, it would be Ryan Kelley.

So thanks for dropping by Martin's blog and reading the words of his guest writer, today. Writing and marketing that writing is very tough work, I know this first hand. Anything I can do to assist a fellow novelist, I'm very happy to do.

And hey, Martin won't mind if I do this so…

You can find me at

And you can find my own ghostly blog at

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