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This is the hardest part, I swear, the wait. More difficult than writing the book, more tedious than editing it, there is more anxiety for me now while I wait, do nothing but wait for the second set of proofs to come back. I received notice on Tuesday that the books were shipped, but I have not received them yet. Once they come back, we go through another round of proofing, looking for any and all errors; if there are none (which I hope), the book will go into production immediately and be ready for release around 4.20-4.27. Should there be some mistakes, of course they’ll be fixed and then we go through the re-proofing process again until it’s done EXACTLY right. In the event the book isn’t right the release date is simply pushed another week or two but my first reading of the book, however, is tentatively scheduled for 05.19 and the book release event in on May 28th…so it’s starting to feel like we’re cutting it close.
To add mass to the matter, the new website is also in a holding stage. We have secured the new domain name, we have contracted with a web hosting company and the site, from a design stand, is about done; we’re just waiting for the web server to be readied and then we upload the files and make the site happen live. What gives this matter gravity is the new domain name is on all the press release materials, it’s printed in the back of the book and it’s been way too long since I have had creative and administrative control of my web site. I “let go” of the website last October to an old friend of mine who was going to redesign, improve and manage the site for me in exchange for me to provide him with my skills as a writer for his on-line newsletter. It sounded like a good idea at the time, but it’s become more of a mess in the end. That old site, remains incomplete and dysfunctional; much like the old friendship that spawned its inception! I learned a lesson with that mistake and it won’t happen again; I am sticking to my own boat from now on and keeping creative control of all my materials…including my new website.
The wait is over, the second set of proofs came back today and the new website is active! I am psyched for these things, I spent the better part of the evening combing through the book myself and it all looks pretty good to me. There are no glaring errors that I can see, all the type fonts are right, the pages are laid out well, the artwork looks great; I feel like it’s ready to go but I have to get my copy editor, my editor, my publishers, my cover artist and, of course, my wifey to all agree that it’s ready to roll. The goal is to be done with the proofing process by 04.16.10 (Friday, 10 days from now), and if it’s all good…then we publish between 4.20-04.27 and I can’t wait!
The website is looking pretty good too. I did the site myself and I would like to humbly invite you, my on-line friends, to check it out at and tell me what you think. I am looking for people with a critical eye to help me find spelling errors, broken links, missing photos and files…building a website is a collaborative effort and so far my only creative partner has been myself. Good thing I play multiple personalities with myself or else I’d be really lonely in this effort! But I am serious about this open invite, please visit my site and help me if you will, to improve it and make it shine as best I can…I know it’s a little hokey, but it’s hand made and I tink it accurately reflects me as an artist/writer; but what do you think? Let me know and, if you will, send me your comments via the website (not here).
The weight of the wait, although heavy and deep, is almost over and then the really hard part will begin…selling the book!

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