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I'm sitting here thinking about my past and looking to see how things have changed from then until now. I remember, as a child, running around the neighborhood getting into and out of trouble. Those were the days when every adult figure could and would smack you upside your head for getting out of line. Those were the days when no one ever locked their doors and you could just walk into a neighbor's house and ask them to make you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and get it. Those were the days when children ran around the neighborhood and not have to worry about perverts and molesters. Mind you, they were there but in my neighbor hood, (the East-End) of Springfield, Ohio, the kids were so close that, any suspicious character, walking or driving through our neighborhood, caught hell because we were some badass... well, you know and the eyes of the nosey neighbors were like the security cameras of today. When you think you're alone, just playing or about to do something you know you shouldn't...damn, Mrs. Faust or another nosey parent would bust in like the police. One thing hasn't changed, and that is the "YOU'RE GOING TO HELL," Bible thumpers and all the other self-righteous, "I can do no wrong, repent to me and I can get you into heaven," pimps...I mean Preachers...Let me just shut up and let you read below, and let me know what you think.
When this life is said and done,
And my eyesight fades to black,
Place me with my backside up,
You know what you can do with that.
When the gates are opened wide,
Is when my fate, I'll Know,
Judge me not, 'cause you can't decide,
Whither it's Heaven or Hell I'll Go.
Preach me not your view of God,
For mine will teach me so,
I learned this from HIS living Word,
And HIS supplementary Book, I hold.
My parents are the ones who guided,
Me through the uncertain years,
Picked me up when I fell down,
And cradled all my fears.
As a man, I picked and chose,
My battles and my sins,
Blamed no one if I lost,
And graciously accepted the wins.
Now I lay me down to rest,
In a place where my forefathers died,
To my wife and children, I did my best,
Please shed no tears; Now I bid thee Good-bye.

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