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ToC and three sample chapters of 'Lallula, faires and ghosts in a mysterious land' (Unedited)

Table of contents

1. The war and the queen

2. The children

3. The gentleman and a little part of his amazing land

4. The king of animals

5. The dangerous darkness

6. The flood of change

7. The unknown ghost

8. The cave and cubs

9. The spirit, and wolves

10. The fairy lasi, and the old woman

11. The old woman story

12. The blessing of the fairy lasi and the village

13 The tall ghost

14. Young girl and boy the future hero, and the death of the old woman

15. The fairy lasi, and the necessary point for achieving goal or destiny

16. Young girl and boy the future wisemen

17. The evil ghost and Keimitui the dangerous water

18. Hill of bones and the upside down castle of Niumese

19. The boy and the ghost war

20. The king of flowers

21. Vanva the mysterious bird

22. The princess and king

23. The war and the queen

(Unedited sample chapters)

The war and the queen

‘Your kingdom has fallen, old woman.’ said the boy to the old woman who was dying and was lying upon a bed.

‘Listen, Aw brave man, ‘wisemen always listens.’’ said the old woman as she felt a sudden energy within her but in a low and scattered tone. ‘And they are kind and understanding.’ thought the boy as he recall his mother words, he remember that his mother used to teach him, those kind of words, words of wisdom and he realized that, his words were too cruel to be used upon a dying woman and he regretted and he chose to keep silent and listen to her wisdom. And he recalled a wise saying “Even a fool who hold his tongue is counted wise.” ‘Wiseman are careful and thoughtful.’ he continued to think with faith in those words of wisdom.

‘Let me tell you my last wish, about my only treasures, before I depart my spirit.’ said the old woman, she looked much older then her age, she look pale and weak, she open her eyes but look straight to heaven.

‘Tell me, I am listening.’ said the boy. ‘Granny.’ he added remembering the kind old woman who gave them love and refuge, and he realized that one must be kind to the dying.

‘That is how wisemen learn, that is how you will know my wish, that is how you will achieve wisdom, for, ‘willingness, willingness to accept and live every truth, is the key to wisdom and curiosity, curiosity of truth, is to knowledge.’’ replied the old woman and had a short paused, and the boy listen, think and understand that ‘if one is curious to know, he seeks knowledge by reading or listening and thinking and also by asking, or questioning. And if one is willing it is easy to do things and he can do anything, he can perform, or practice, or live the knowledge and wisdom.’

‘My son and daughter, the only treasure I have.’ continued the old woman after a short paused and she felt strength within her when she said those words.

‘Her advice is true.’ the boy continued to think as he listened and drew closer toward the woman to listen to her last wishes. . . . .

It has been more than ten years, when the kingdom of the old woman had fallen, her kingdom has fallen for the first time in the enemy’s hand. Their enemies have defeated them as deep as the king’s bedroom but not the heart. Their enemies were stronger than one thought, or expected, they have forced through till the last strong hold of the king.

‘Come, my love, come.’ said the woman to her husband the king of the land with tears, for, it seems it is their last hour in this world to be together and it is rather certain, for, she knows well that her husband was a kind of man who will never giveup but sacrifice for love and loved ones for the better and good. And as her tears rolled she felt that her heart is like wet clothes, heavy and thick with foreign, or abnormal things like worries and fears of losing her love as water in clothes, and their children were in chaos as they hold their parent. ‘You must save your life, try to understand it is important, the children needs you’ replied the king though his heart too was melted by love and pain, the pain and prepain of losing one’s kingdom and loved ones including his wife and children. Yes, his heart was melted by the pain of losing one’s kingdom and loved ones even before it actually happen, for, it is rather certain that he will lose them and he is certain too but for a time not forever, indeed, he has faith that his kingdom would be regained by someone if not his children, and he remember ‘love always fulfill responsibility, for, love is action.’ as their enemies knocks the door with force.

‘The children needs you too.’ replied his love. ‘You know, for a king his country is his responsibility, it is like his children.’ said the king. ‘My love, if you are gone, it is hard and would be hard to know and bear ‘how much the children will need you..’’ said the queen ‘So is I to my kingdom, and so is you too to our children, how much will they need you if I am gone. Take them, go. . go save them and yourself.’ said the king to his wife and to his bravemen as his tears filled his eyes but trying not to show. ‘No, I am willing, we are willing to die beside you, please let us die with you, what is life without you, what is life without loved ones?’ cried the queen, she insisted, holding her husband in her heart and hands, her tears rolled abundantly as if it can never and will never stop. ‘I love you, my children, I love you so much. Remember you are my greatest treasures’ said the king to his children who were pulled by his bravemen as he stretch his right hand by which he grab their hands, which his children also hold, but losen it to free them so that they may be saved, knowing they must leave him and their home and be saved. Before he freed their hands he grabed their hands, which hold his hand, abit harder but for a moment as if he was not satisfied holding them as they grabed his hand. ‘Dad’ ‘Mom’ ‘Don’t leave us.’ cried the children with chaos and the tears of their father, the king. rolled as he looked them and listen to their words. And the call of his children rang in his ears as if it would never stop ringing. ‘You must stay alive my dear, my love for our children’ replied her husband kissing the woman’s forehead as his tears filled his eyes, as the calls of his children rang in his head again and again as if they are calling him thousands of times.

‘There are still chances for us to be saved.’ replied the woman with tears. ‘How can I betray my country? How can I teach my children the true royal heart? I am going to fight and sacrifice for you, for my children, my people and for their future..’ replied her husband controlling his heart of tears. ‘If I save myself I cannot save my people. My love, my dear, look at the children whom we brought in in this world, they are us and they deserve future. What I am giving today is to save the future, because, you will tell our children the true royal heart and they will rise to take back what belongs to them, because only the true royal heart can win the war and only the lost kingdom can be regain by sacrifice, because the true royal heart is sacrificing, and only the true royal heart the sacrificing heart can regain back the lost kingdom by sacrifice, for, truth is their strength and truth is what the royal heart sacrificed for, and the word “lost” never exist for the true royal heart, even in the face of death or even if death appear or comes.” continued the king as he wiped his face. ‘No, no, don’t leave me’ cried the woman as the king’s bravemen pulled her in the gesture of their king, she hold his hand strongly with fear, the fear of losing him more than the fear of their enemies or dying, or death, as her tears flows unstoppably. The enemy’s axes, swords or weapons and hands have struck the last door of the king’s palace, and then again and again to force through. In the escape door the king and queen touch their fingers for the last time as the bravemen of that country pulled their queen away for her safety, the king murmured and said ‘I love you, I love you so much’ to his wife, and then, in his mind, to his children and to his people and country.

As the enemy forced through the last strong hold with loud voices and sounds, the king raised his swords and rushed toward the door, shouting ‘attack to the death…’ to encourage his men, to never let defeat or fear or death ruin them(his men) and he rushed to the front. And the woman, his love, saw him, that, her husband(the king) fought bravely, she saw him that, he’s never defeated, because his victory lies in the mind, strength in the heart, that ‘s why he never fear death though he had the chance to escape. He is never defeated because his love for others is stronger than his fear, and also because he believe in God, he believe that he is alive just because of the will of God, he knew even if his time is done, his kingdom will exist again, if God is willing, may be through his son or may be through his grandchildren or his countryman. The woman his love have never seen such believe and such a braveman in her life, may be that’s why she loved him so much, may be that’s why she couldn’t forget him till today and may be that’s why it is clear in her mind like yesterday till today…

Her husband’s bravemen, her bravemen help her walk faster until it’s safe, until they reached the preplan place where her children and her bravemen would wait, through the woods and darkness as she weep. She felt like half of her life was gone, half of her body, half of her but she walk as fast as she could to join her children as she realized why her husband wants her to live, he trusted her(his wife, the mother of their children) to raised their children, for, there is no love more than a father or a mother can give to their children in this world.

But her children and bravemen were not there on the preplan place, and she began to search her children with tears, she called their names but lowly though she wanted to shout, for, their enemies could be near, and she had to care for others, who may be around that woods, who also escaped from their enemies. She called their names lowly in the dark whenever she suspected a place where her children might hide but no one replied, she couldn’t find them and her heart began to beat faster and faster, and she continued searching until morning.

Everyone is crying, everyone who is left behind, who escaped the enemies’ hands, who were not taken as slaves cried, as each of them searched their loved ones. There are only some men left behind, and those men search their own family with tears in their eyes, indeed, every one searched their loved ones as it always is when the war is over or in the morning when the war is over, and asked about their loved ones to whoever they met ‘whether they have seen them or not’.

And the woman also searched her children but she couldn’t find, and she too asked every person she met about her children but no one could tell her, and she felt really desperate, she felt guilty and blamed herself for losing her children, for being unable to care them. And her worries and affliction was worsen by the loss of her children, her sufferings tormented her day and night, for, she experienced the greatest lost a woman can bear in a night, losing her dearest husband and loveliest children and her lovely home and neighbours and land.

She could never forget them, her children, husband and everything, and she won’t forget them but recall them on every sad or happy moment or occasion. She recalls them every morning she wakes and she will begin searching her children, her dearest and loveliest, again and again though there may be no places where she had not searched. But, she will never stop searching them. She will still search them inside herself, her heart will never rest until she finds them. Sometimes she will pray to God for she knows that only God knows where they are, she knows He knows everything. Many times she would touch them in her, imagination, heart, care them and kiss them because they are in her heart, in her mind though they are far, though they may be beyond far. Sometimes, she thought she may not see them again but suspectedly yes, she thought they have died, without really believing, sometimes she wish they are doing well if they are still alive, suspectedly yes, she believed they are alive, yes, she just cannot think, or cannot make her mind believe that they are already death or taken to slave, because they are alive and free in her heart, and they will be alive until she die, for ‘children are the greatest treasures of parent and no one can take them apart from theirheart not even death. But, though parent may forget and leave their greatest treasures their children, God cannot, or can never forget nor leave His creation, His children, for, He is the true parent of all.’

The children

The children whom the woman talks about were hiding among the bushes in the darkness of the night. Their guardian told them not to speak or cry, he had to hide them because the enemy who traced to kill them or take them for slave were near, and they were assign to trace the king’s wife and children until they find them, for, the king of the attackers knows that those who possess the trut royal heart always comes and strike back to take back what they belong.

The last braveman picked his sword and fought till death like his friends and like his king. There is no more braveman to protect the children, they all have died fighting their enemies till death, who outnumbered them, who chased them. He fought his enemy bravely and sacrificingly like his king, and killed half of his enemies before death rule over him. And he died, sacrificing for his king, the children of his king and for his people and land and for the future of his people and land. He is strong, he fought like a lion warrior.

The enemies searched the place and couldn’t find anybody. If nature has not been with the children, if something had not happened they could have been killed in that place or taken as slaves.

The boy tried to turn his sister’s head from seeing the brutal scene but she refused, and the boy thought ‘death can’t defeat a brave heart. Indeed, nothing can defeat a brave heart.’ The boy and the girl saw, what happened, everything through the bushes. And they saw their father’s braveman die undefeatedly, they saw how much a man can posses strength within himself. Indeed, the braveman fought fearlessly and fiercely against his enemies and the children saw that he was never defeated by his enemies, he was much more active and motivated then the enemies who conquer.

The boy hold his sister when they saw a man, through the bushes, approaching toward the place where they hid. When the man reached near the bushes where the children hid, he stood a while, turned and walked to his left, stop, and looked around but then he urinated. He suspected the bushes around but knowing nothing to do he begin to cut the bushes with his sword and move toward the bushes where the children hid. At that moment the children felt they were covered by some power but still they could see the man who cut the bushes and he had almost reached the bushes where they hid as he approached, cutting the bushes. But the man who searched that places and cut the bushes saw the shrubs, or bushes which are moving as if someone walked through them, and he step backward abruptly and quickly called his friends and pointed the bushes with doubts and fear ‘Friends, come and see quickly.’ ‘What is it?’ ‘What do you see?’ they replied and they rushed toward him.

‘Ghost! Ghos!’ they shouted with fear when they saw the leaves which were moving as if someone pass between them, and the bravest man among them chased a few steps, or went forward a few steps to see but fear quickly filled his heart when he knew that no one followed him. They all feared, for, they believe in the existence of some power above. ‘Ineed, every nation, every race and tribe believe in the existence of God or they believe in the existence of some divine power above.’

And when the leaves keep moving next by next until out of sight, one of them said ‘We will die if we follow.’ So, they decide to go back because of fear. ‘Human fear which he doesn’t know and see, because he doesn’t know what it is, he doesn’t know whether it is powerful or cruel, whether it can harm him or kill him. He fear which he don’t believe he can defeat, he fear something when he thinks, that, something is greater and stronger than himself, and its that fear that makes a man defeated before he is actually defeated.’

The children could hear their voices and understand them though there may be some differences, because they were from one country but different cities, towns or villages, one race but different tribe, one nation but different notion. ‘Differences grows as the popultion of the world grows, but the most dangerous thing that makes the differences worse is different notions, notions of falsehood, or false idea.’

The children felt sleepy as they felt they were being grab and protected by an unknown strength and power and were moving further and further away from the enemies and from the place where they hid, but they could see their enemies in fear and chaos.

The gentleman and a little part of his amazing land

The children heard soft, sweet and harmonious sounds when they woke up. It was the voice of the birds, animals, and the sounds which comes from the music of the three bright winged musicians of the skies who stood behind their head, playing harp, voilin and fluit for the children and the glory of the king of that land as their wings moved steadily. And when the children woke up they saw them, the three bright winged musicians of the skies, and they saw that they dissapeared slowly but their music continue to filled the air. ‘Is this my dream?’ thought the boy and he tried to catch one of them with one of his hand but they disappeared, and the boy was greatly moved with amazement.

They wake up early in the morning before the land see the sun, and they thought the clouds above the mountains were redden and pinken by the sun which seems to be behind the beautiful tall trees of that land.

With amazement they looked up and around the wonderful, beautiful and lovely garden which they have never seen in their whole life, which the imaginations of men have never found. Impossible is nothing for the mind of men to perceive, or imagine the land, indeed, it is beyond impossible for the mind of men to perceive, or imagine that land.

In the wonderful, beautiful and lovely land, which is beyond the imagination of men, which the imagination of men cannot reach, the children saw a stream which flows coolly and heard and saw wonderful, beautiful and lovely chatters of birds and birds and also heard the music of the three bright winged misicians of the skies. The place they slept and sat upon was snowy white, soft and gentle. It was a cluster of extraordinary cottons which gather togather to make a bed for the children and they were amazed to know that.

The trees were green and decorated beautifully with its fruits, yes, everything there is lively and present, or contemporary.

The songs of the birds were more beautiful and had deep meaning than they used to hear at home, seems like their ears were opened. The wind’s soft and gentle, and the atmosphere was more than perfect, or too perfect. And as they looked around ‘Look brother, a gentleman with white hair.’ said the girl when she saw a gentleman with white hair, who was approaching them. Indeed, his hair was white and long, his clothes were long and white, whiter than their royal clothes on earth, and it shines. ‘May be he is the landlord or the landlord’s son’ said the boy as they stood up to walk down from the tall extraordinary cotton trees and they realized that, they were high in the air above the ground and they were again greatly amazed.

And again their hearts were filled with amazement when they realized the tall extraordinay cotton trees began to bend down to the ground, as if they understand their mind, the moment they thought of walking down from it, and when they walk down from it they were amazed again to see the tall extraordinary cotton trees separated and stand on their own in their own position as if they could never gather together on their own...


(The book will be published after it is edited.)

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