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Ship%20for%20Wiki.jpgChina and Vietnam are struggling to contain a thriving industry of trafficking poor Vietnamese. In China the law punishes the buyers and the traffickers up to ten years in jail. The traffickers pretend to offer cross-border marriages, but actually they are kidnapping the ladies. These ladies are promised of marriage with rich Chinese in big cities, but are later sold to the villagers in rural China, or to the brothels. There are thousands of such cases every year.

Grinding poverty is the main cause. The next one is naiveté. Most of these ladies are recruited from Northern Vietnam. But traffickers are casting the net wider, reaching Southern Vietnam. Charity organizations are active on the Vietnam and China border. But enforcement officers are at times greedy and collaborate with the traffickers for a cut of the return. So how do you investigate and prosecute those cases? In some countries, the only difference between the police and gangsters is that the police are licensed to carry guns.

How do you empower these young ladies so that they will not want to take the risks? Perhaps we can teach them to read and write, and also to learn a skill which they can use to earn a living. These skills must be short courses which last not more than six months. How many courses can you offer? How do you motivate these young ladies so that they will have the urge to learn and move on with their own feet? These people are living on the mountains and they are illiterate. They still believe the daughter can have a better life as the wife of a rich Chinese and can send home some money every month.

Recently, more than 100 Vietnamese brides, after marrying Chinese bachelors, vanished and an organized ring must be behind all these. Buying wives from Vietnam has become very common for Chinese living in the rural areas of China. This trade in overseas brides is becoming very common. But the mass disappearance has become a concern.

Like in other parts of the world, kidnapping and trafficking of girls and young ladies is common in Asia. There have been cases which the kidnapper pretended to be the husband of the lady and dragged her off by force with no one willing to help as the public thought it was a family affair. Even the police guys simply watched and did nothing. He could be the crony of the kidnapper. If you face such incident in Asia, simply dent any car on your way or damage any expensive item around you. Better still, if you can find any hard object, throw it at any of those glass windows. The owner will stop you to demand compensation, and the kidnapper will run away.


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Comment by Poh Tiong Ho on December 12, 2014 at 11:12pm

Do you know how much the parents of the lady would be paid?


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