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The Truth is sometimes base on perception. The Truth is absolute if it is based on Truth. Just because many people may perceive the same, or believe the same that doesn't make it the Truth. For instance, lets take the truth about me. My charater is not what others my think. I have issues that no-one can fathom. My heart has been broken into many pieces over the years. Because of this type of pain, it make it hard to resist the darkside of the force. Since my heart is in many pieces, I have a lot of to give. The more I give of myself, the more hurt I attain. I'm not a victim at all. I'm a product of my actions, but I'm not what I do. I'm much more than what I do. I've been created for greatness! This greatness is buried deep inside. Buried under alot shit! ( For those who are offended for that word, it's to late to apolygize) Buried under adultery, lying, pride, vain thoughts, laziness, envy, jealousy, and idol words. I am a wretch undone. I am filthy. I am unworthy of the Kingdom, This is my truth. Deal with it!!!

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