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It is always inspiring when someone reads one of my books and understands the message that I am trying to make. Mr. Giovanni Gelati did. The subject of domestic violence isn't always welcome by many. Many times if they know of a couple where maybe the husband gets mentally or physically abusive with his wife, they dismiss the problem, not wanting to confront who may be their best friends, fearing to lose the friendship. Or maybe they feel the abuse will stop, which it almost never does. The abuse usually gets worse with each new episode. Or maybe the person seeing the abuse just doesn't care, it's not their problem. Domestic violence tears families apart. It ruins innocent peoples lives. Many times the abuser is allowed to walk away from the lives he has shattered. The laws don't protect the victims. They are already victims when the abuser breaks the laws he broke as he abused. Now the abuser has a whole list of laws that his attorney will use to protect him. It is time that laws are passed that really protect the women and children before they are abused and forced to take the law into their own hands.  

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