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Update on Stories for Children Publishing

I'm happy to announce Stories for Children Publishing is offering services to help you build your platform and get the word out about your book(s) and services. I've really enjoyed doing the "Interview Firdays" at The Writing Mama. I've also enjoyed doing interviews and book reviews through Stories for Children Magazine and the Families Matter blog. Now with Stories for Children Publishing, I want to take it one step further and really help make writing/illustrating dreams come true. Below I have pasted a little blurb on these two services we're now offering at Stories for Children Publishing; along with the other services we offer.

Have you written or illustrated a children's book and you need to get the word out about it? Are you an author or illustrator working on building your platform? Or are you trying to get the word out about workshops or services you offer writers, illustrators, parents and teachers?

You’ll find our World of Ink Tour or SFC Book Trailers are the perfect way to get your books, products or services out in front of the buying public and build your platform as a writer, illustrator or expect in your field.

Stories for Children (SFC) Publishing, LLC is more than just a magazine, blog, newsletter and freelance service. We are a family and a community committed to excellence in our work ethic, in the products and services we provide, and in our relationships with our business partners, readers, contributors, freelancers, featured guests and sponsors. We strive to be fair, honest, committed, and give warm fuzzies and support to those we work with.

We also have a mission to share resources that introduce our readers to products and services that will help strengthen, support, and challenge children academically, bring the family unit closer together, and help those who write and illustrate for children.

Since 2006, Founder & Owner, VS Grenier has been bring not only children on an adventure into the World of Ink, but parents, teachers, authors, illustrators, schools, grandparents, publishers, editors, libraries, and readers around the globe. Grenier has always believed in helping those down the road to publication and now she wants to help those who have reached their dream get the word out.

With an award-winning Ezine, family oriented blog, and free monthly newsletter for writers, SFC Publishing hopes to share the love, enjoyment, and excitement of reading, help those who love to write learn how to write quality stories and articles—so our readers will never want for good material, in any form, and to bring families information to help them in their daily lives from tips to interviews with those who write, illustrate, work with and around children.

To learn more and see what Stories for Children Publishing has to offer visit Note: we are still adding services so come back often to see if one of our services is what you're looking for.

All the best,

VS Grenier

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