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Good Morning,

Most writers work extremely hard to craft their books; they add significant value in the pages they labor over; they honestly try to deliver knowledge, entertainment, thought stimulation or other product to the reader.

But - what do readers really want? As a writer (learn more about me and my work at, I have an obligation to deliver value to my readers. My genre in Fiction - action/thriller, but I write to touch all emotions and challenge intellect.  I do NOT use gratuitous scenes or language, because I believe the reader is worth a more careful descriptive and high literary approach to all that is written.  Do you agree?

Tell me what you want to read and tell me how you enjoy HOW a book is written?  These are two important questions.  The writer, in my opinion, serves his craft the best when he serves the reader.  Please post and let me have your thoughts.

Bob Bonelli

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