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The Dogs Don't Bark In Brooklyn Any More by Eric Robert Nolan

If you love post-apocalyptic science fiction as much as I do, then you must read The Dogs Don't Bark in Brooklyn Any More.

Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of What I Am Reading. I am 4-LAN: your host and author of this book review blog.

Rebecca O'Conner grew up not knowing the America that we know. In the near future the world will be gripped by a plague that will ravage the human population and severely cripple our abilities to maintain the society and technologies that we are used to. This chaos and disorder will also allow a new dominant species to inherit the earth.

The new adversary to the human race is cunning and intelligent. It is wily and resourceful. Its numbers have grown into vastness during the interim that humans struggled to regain a foot hold after such a devastating disease.

At one point in our colorful history, our ancestors had hunted this species to near extinction. It would seem that perhaps they have a vendetta against us and in our weakness, they have found new strength, resolve and have inexplicably mutated into an intelligence that is unprecedented in their kind.

Now, Rebecca O' Conner must lead an elite division of our military that is highly trained and disciplined in seeking out this formidable threat to our existence. The fate of the human race lies in the hands of these brave men and women who risk their own lives each and every day to ensure that humans do not go the way of the dinosaur.

The Dogs Don't Bark in Brooklyn Any More is a great and original story. The reader will definitely be submerged in this brutal and frightening glimpse into a future America that bears little resemblance to the home that we all know and love.

So, hold onto your seat and strap yourself in! This book is going full throttle and is one ride that you do not want to fall out of!

Until next time-read plentiful and let your imagine wander. Our minds know no bounds and it is a wonderful thing to allow another to take us to places that we can only dream of...

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Comment by Elizabeth Foshee on March 28, 2014 at 7:56pm

That does sound pretty exciting.  Post apocolyptic worlds are pretty fascinating to me because I always wonder, what will they be like? It sounds like he might have something different going on. I'll stop by his page and take a look around and say hi. :)

Comment by 4-LAN on March 27, 2014 at 9:56am

Thanks Joleene :-)

Be sure to stop by Eric's page and let him know :-)

Comment by Joleene Naylor on March 25, 2014 at 6:04pm

Sounds good! 


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