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What People Had To Say [Reviews/Comments}

By Bill McDonald, President: American Authors Association.

Poet Kevin Brian Wright is a romantic in the best sense of that word. He captures the divine romance of life through his brilliant prose. His words come across as if they were written by a 15th century monk who is high on the spiritual bliss of Holy Communion. One can almost feel this inner joy and "light" he projects with images from his words and phrasing.

Wright's poetry evokes those same sacred feelings that come from the work of other divine and mystical poets such as Radindranath Tagore, Rumi, and Paramahansa Yogananda in his book of poems called "Whispers From Eternity". This is tall company, but I believe Wright's work possesses that same kind of spiritual DNA..

To call Kevin Brian Wright a mystic would not be a far stretch--his words certainly convey the feeling that he is reaching out beyond the material world and has escaped the illusions of this reality. If he had been born in another time or place, he could have well been friends with the likes of Blake, Shelley, Keats or Lord Byron. He fits well into both the romantic and the mystical poet's clothing..

His words are a perfect bridge to the feelings he is trying to convey. He is not afraid to expose his heart and soul in his poems. Truly a gifted writer and one of immense understanding of things beyond the veil of life; it is no hyperbole to say that his work is that of a young master poet! This poet is destined for greater things than just poetry. He is on his way to self-realization!.

Samara Ibanez ~ Playboy:
K.B. Wright is a genius, I am a very big fan of poetry and his work made me cry and a few other emotions I thought I lost. Kevin always paints beautiful images of love that you can share with all your loved ones. If you miss out on his poetry, you're missing out on a masterpiece.

Actor, William DeMeo ~ The Sopranos
Wright's collection of poems brilliantly captures the whimsical sensation of falling in love.

Paula Curcuru, Prestige Entertainment:
With each word, Wright creates a world of passionate air and supreme imagery.

Charlotte Adams ~ N.Y. Examiner:
"Nothing less than brilliant! Wrights work reminds me of Byron with a bit of the idealism of Keats.

Actor, Perry Facchiano ~ Find Me Guilty
Kevin's poetry is a spiritual uplift, a breathtaking world full of adventure and romance and so much more. He takes you where no other poet has gone before. He brings poetry to a new level.

Angelina Grazo:
Our own King of Romance!!

Jacqueline Prior:
You're more of an artist with word than the normal poet, Kevin, maybe using a feather quill from cupids very wing, yes?

Gillian Carmody:
Why is it every time I read one of your verses, Kevin, I feel like I should swoon. *smiles* You do have that classic, Shakespearian thing going on as usual. BRAVO, hon.

Larisa Deval:
I wish to say that I am totally awed by the magic you describe in every word and flowing image. I see how fluid this form is, how whole and how complete. and how utterly it is beyond even soul speak. this writing is from the heavens indeed. Thank you. I feel blessed to be reading this.

Larisa Deval:
When I get my breath back. although after sinking into the beauty of your work, breath has become an optional extra for me. I will note how complete this description is how every detail and phrase is inextricably linked to another. It would be like trying to choose one snowflake more perfect than another to say "look at this one" in truth one has to look at all. MAGNIFICENT!

Linda Marchetti:
You must truly live with the Gods on Mount Olympus! There is no way you come from this hootin'- nanny that we define as life on this sphere in the here and now. Your words capture the eloquence of a time long gone and not remembered. I think you are misplaced in time and space. However, I am glad you deign to share your grace and charm with us. It is a rare pleasure.

Lilly Antwine:
Dear God in heaven but you sure know how to write a verse that would turn a woman's head. Utterly amazing, Kevin.

Debbie Freeman:
I have read Kevin's poem several times now...each time took me further away from words...which is awkward when one wants to say something...but I smile and bask in this glorious Goddess and her Messenger.

Nicole Belac:
Your writing is divine in every sense without writing a thesis there is no way that I could find words to show how much I understand at sense/cell/soul level what your poetry says to me kind of makes me think of Rumi and Gibran yep, you have me well and truly hooked.

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