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When standing at the crossroads of your literary career...I hope you find courage...and inspiration...

(Excerpt from my blog segment: The Quest of the Independent Author.)

There comes a time in everyone's life when we find ourselves standing at critical crossroads of our existence. Movies have been made, stories have been written and poems and songs are sung to romanticize this symbolic event that is not partial to one individual over the other. No matter what your present circumstance, your financial, ethnic, political or even spiritual background may be, you will come to an intersection in your life's journey where you have to make a choice. And despite what film or fantasy may do in an attempt to draw this moment as a lonely intersection of potential paths--possible choice in your future--it is in the end, an overcrowded place. This I believe is a moment where many people drop their packs, lay down their arms or throw them up in submission and just settle in. I see the crossroads as an overpopulated section of life where many people succumb to defeat and occupy it as a sort of home, in spite of ever having to make the critical choices that will alter that life forever. I have come to this place many times before--whether it was in a relationship, a family matter in a role as father or husband, relative to some or friend to others--and despite dreaming of a way around it, I have had to make choices. In the end, we all do. That I think is what makes this moment in our lives so difficult; it's the part of life that becomes hard or scary. But rest assured, you are not alone.

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~Bobby Ozuna
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