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"I have not been so moved by a novel since I first read Alex's book.
I am laying claim to the role of Aunt Rose."

__ Ms. Cicely Tyson, Emmy-Winning, Academy-Award nominated actress

A Family Gathering
2007 Pulitzer Fiction Nominee 512p. Hardcover
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"Where Was God on May 15, 1974?"

"It usually killed old folk first, especially poor ones: 'The Disposables'..."


I know you’re my sister, but…but if you think you can simply waltz
back into our lives and play the ‘Daddy’s little lost girl’ role, then perish
the thought. What happened to you was brought on by you. You…you
did not take Daddy’s teaching and preaching to heart. You sinned, grievously.
And you paid the price. I call it justice.”...


“We don’t all have to think, act and talk alike to be black, Matthew.
I can dig Miles and Mozart. I can groove to Duke and Debussy. I believe
you to be a decent and caring person. But it’s because of your kind of
thinking, that people who look like me have to fight battles on two fronts.
I fight racism, and I also have to contend with this internecine warfare.
I don’t have to prove my pedigree. When was the meeting held, and the
decision was made that said all black folks had to think, talk, act, and be
alike. Should we all look alike, too?”

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