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Who wants to help me change the world for the better?

After university I got my dream job, working with horses. All was going well until December 1994 when my life changed forever. Crossing the road on the way to work, I was hit by a car... I 'died'! Since being hit by that car I went through a period of great change and learnt many things; I had experiences I did not understand and saw things mankind maybe should not see. I started writing these things down. I will never preach to anyone, but what started as an autobiography about my life, my death and my resurrection has evolved into a truly inspirational book, designed to motivate readers to better themselves and help others.

Flight of a Lifetime (see is a very good read; it will make the reader laugh and cry at the same time. In spite of its theme, it is not a miserable book - I wrote about my death and made it funny!

I urge you to read the book and be inspired; better yourself and think about how your actions affect the world. It will cheer you up and, though it may not change the world, it may make people's perception of the world change. If enough people read it we may all end up getting along and stop fighting - a book to end all wars?

Available on amazon Flight of a Lifetime has the ISBN Number 978 1 84748 307 2, and the cover price is £7.99/$13.95.

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