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Wilcox Trading Company Releases Author David Mint’s Novel, "Why What We Use As Money Matters"

David Mint is proud to announce the release of his novel Why What We Use As Money Matters.  Why What We Use as Money Matters: Unpacking the Key to Reversing the Effects of Climate Change is an Economic and Philosophical Treatise written by Monetary Theorist David Mint which explores a number of issues in an entertaining and thorough fashion.  The book trailer for Why What We Use As Money Matters was revealed today on DGT Book Promotion news.  In addition, David Mint shared an insightful interview this week on the Reading and Writing Addiction blog about himself and the release of Why What We Use As Money Matters.  David Mint’s interview can be followed at and the official Why What We Use As Money Matters trailer can be viewed on YouTube.


About The Book

Could it be that it is not how, but what we use as money that matters when contemplating the root causes of Climate Change and other global problems? The natural world strives daily to achieve a perfect state of balance. Events and occurrences that, taken by themselves, appear chaotic and devoid of meaning are together part of a constant rebalancing of the earth's delicate state. Each event is a splash of color across an oppressive gray sky that hints at a rainbow that will soon appear.


Praise for Why What We Use As Money Matters:

“A thought provoking exploration of modern political and financial systems and their effects on the natural world”--A reader’s review

About The Author

David Mint is happily married with two children and lives in Portland, Oregon where he has pondered monetary theory and other less pressing but infinitely more entertaining matters since 2006. He has travelled extensively in the United States and has resided in Nebraska, Colorado, Spain, and Bolivia. He has a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Colorado State University and an MBA from the Universitat de Barcelona, Spain with over 18 years of experience in Accounting, Finance, Treasury, and Information Systems Consulting positions both in the United States and Spain. He is the creator of The Mint, which presents fresh ideas on Economics, Monetary Theory, and Politics.


Why What We Use As Money Matters (398 pages, ISBN-13: 978-1493587445, ISBN-10: 1493587447) is published by The Wilcox Trading Company and is available at Amazon, iTunes, Createspace, Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo, Google Play Store and Smashwords.  To learn more about David Mint, Why What We Use As Money Matters and to read The Mint visit  David Mint can be contacted by email at:

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