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Write Publish Profit 5.0 Infostack loaded with incredible ebooks

Write Publish Profit 5.0 Infostack loaded with incredible ebooks, full-length courses, A-rated services, and more from bestselling authors, publishers, coaches, and editors.

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Below are a few of the ebooks, courses, and services offered via the Write Publish Profit 5.0 Infostack:

Yolanda Allen's Author Essentials Planner — $39.00 value. Designed to help you get clear about your goals, (and focused on completing those goals), keep track of your promotions to help you get your book visible to the public, and help you manage your finances and budget when you get paid!

Ray Brehm's Anthologies for Authors — $297.00 value. Learn an easy and proven way to add authority to your author name, make connections, and add books to your author library.

Winter Brooks's Get Published! — $27.00 value. A guide for new writers to learn the basic principles of how to write, market, and publish your book.

Sue Campbell's The Pages and Platforms Book Marketing Workbook — $27.00 value. Learn how to grow your author platform and how to keep your audience engaged and eager to buy your books.

Dale Darley's Write Your Life Story or Memoir: An Online Course — $147.00 value. Learn how to bring your story to life with this guide that takes you through the process step-by-step.

Connie Dowell's Easy and Fun Newsletters for Authors: An eCourse — $60.00 value. Email marketing doesn’t have to be just a task on your to-do list. When done right, it can feel like an enjoyable chat you have with your readers.

Philip Duncan's A Roadmap to Your Best Novel — $297.00 value. Turn your novel into a bestseller with this proven step-by-step roadmap.

Emma Estacio's Bestseller Launch Made Simple — $48.00 value. Ever wondered how other authors hit bestseller status when they launch? With this simple, step-by-step process proven to optimize your book's Amazon listing, you too can widen your reach and launch with a bang!

David Farland's Kickstarting Your Career — $199.00 value. In this masterclass series of lectures, Dave shares some of the steps you need to take in order to build your successful career as a writer.

Karen Ferreira's Self-Publish Like a Pro: An eCourse — $99.00 value. Step-by-step walkthroughs to publish your books like a pro on KDP and IngramSpark.

Camille Flores's A Beginner's Guide to Book Marketing on a Budget: An Ecourse — $49.00 value. If you are an author who wants to sell more books but has a small marketing budget, this course will show you how to successfully market your books and keep the costs low.

Kimberley Grabas's Believe, Plan, Act: A Platform and Productivity Planner for Writers — $37.00 value. This complete author business planning system is designed to specifically address the needs of writers working to build their platforms and author businesses.

Steff Green's Rock Your Novel School — Value $393.00. Features 10 weeks of course content on every aspect of writing and editing a novel, including the hook, characters, plot, structure, scenes, voice, emotion, getting the words done, editing, proofreading, and preparing for publication.

Dianna Gunn's Author Planning Bundle: 4 Printable Workbooks — $15.96 value. Features an Author Career Planning Workbook, Branding for Fiction Authors, Twitter Planner, and Content Subscription Planner.

Dianna Gunn's Author Planning Bundle: 4 Printable Workbooks — $15.96 value. Features an Author Career Planning Workbook, Branding for Fiction Authors, Twitter Planner, and Content Subscription Planner.

Rebecca Hamilton's The Six-Figure Author's Advanced Categories and Keywords Training: Put Your Book Sales on Autopilot — $499.00 value. Learn how to select categories that establish you as a leader in your genre as well as choose keywords that skyrocket your organic visibility and sales.

Donna Kozik's Create Your Sizzling Author Profile: A Masterclass — $399.00 value. Learn how to attract readers like bees to honey with a swoon worthy dating profile for your book!

John Kremer's Blogging 105: 105 Ways to Blog and Podcast as an Author, an Expert, and a Real Person — $12.99 value. Features real-world content proven to drive visitors, buyers, and browsers to social networks, websites, sales pages, and buy links.

Scott MacMillan's Entrepreneur to Author: An eBook — $9.99 value. Learn how to write and publish an expertise-based book that will build your authority and grow your business.

Kevin Mullani's Blue Ocean Positioning for Authors: Training Videos — $47.00 value. Turn your expertise into an outstanding book where your message serves your readers and supports your business.

JoEllen Nordstrom's Write, Edit, Publish, and Profit — $149.95 value. Learn the different levels of editing so you can achieve success via self-editing or professional services.

Gabriela Pereira's From Brain to Book: Package Your Expertise into Book Form — $49.00 value. Learn a step-by-step process so you can take the material you have already created on a blog, podcast, or other creative outlet and package it into a book.

Dale Roberts's The Amazon Self-Publisher: 3 eBooks — $9.99 value. Get concrete and proven strategies for publishing on Amazon via three ebooks: Amazon Keywords for Books, Promotional Strategies for Books, and Amazon Reviews for Books.

Kris Safarova's 43 Ways to Make Your Book Work for You — $297.00 value. Increase awareness of your brand, attract new readers and dream clients, connect with your audience, build your career, generate more revenue and build a thriving business simply by leveraging a book.

Isabel Sterling's Create Better Characters with Coaching: A Masterclass — $25.00 value. Learn how to create a character-driven plot and lay the foundation for brilliant midpoint and finale plot twists that will help you write stories that sell.

Plus dozens of more valuable and useful ebooks, courses, and webinars.

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