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Writing for Children - Celebrating Children/YA Authors

Have some fun Wednesday MAY 14 at 11 AM PST  NOON MT  1PM CST  2 PM EST when Marsha and Virginia talk with children's authors as they all celebrate writing for children.  

Listen to the show at

It's CHILDREN'S BOOK WEEK and the World of Ink Network wants to do its part by letting authors come on the show to share not only who they are, but where you can find their books. We have picture book authors to YA authors. All the books and their authors have been guest on past shows and the hosts (Virginia S Grenier and Marsha Casper Cook) wanted to share these wonders books with as we get ready for Summer Reading Fun.

Each author will have a few minutes to share about their book and where you can find it.

Guest Authors and Their Books:

Dominick Domingo
The Nameless Prince (a Young Adult Fantasy Novel)
The Nameless Prince Comic Volume 1 (Episodes 1-4)
Main website ( with more info. AND order links: )
To order the YA novel through Barnes and Noble:
To order the YA novel through the publisher ( Twilight Times Books ):
To order the Nameless Prince Comic Volume 1:

Margot Finke

Books for Kids - Manuscript Critiques

Fun Aussie Cook Book with every autographed Young Teen book <> DIRECT from ME


Mikey Brooks

Author of the middle-grade fantasy adventures: The Stone of Valhalla, The Dream Keeper, and The Dreamstone. 
My picture books include: ABC Adventures: Magical Creatures, Bean's Dragon, and Trouble with Bernie.The 

New series:
Gates of Atlantis: Gaurdians of the Gates, by Laura D. Bastian
The Gates of Atlantis: Magicians of the Deep, by Jaclyn Weist
The Gates of Atlantis: Banshee at the Gate, by Wendy Knight
The Gates of Atlantis: Secrets of the Mine, by Juli Caldwell
The Gates of Atlantis: Madness Behind the Throne, by JR Simmons
The Gates of Atlantis: Battle for Acropolis, by Mikey Brooks 

"Long ago, when Atlantis began, creatures of the world united to create a place everyone with magical blood could call home. Now the magic is under attack. One madman who thinks only his kind should be allowed is determined to shut down all the gates leading to Atlantis, to keep out the impure and unworthy before anyone figures it out and stops him.

Mermaids fall ill, and the source of light and power over Atlantis begins to fade. By mistake, two mermaids discover the broken gates and issue a call to all magical creatures: unite and fight. They team up with a group of unlikely heroes and together stand against what will not only be the downfall of Atlantis, but the world."


Release date: July 2014 (all the books)
Bobbie Shafer
First novel: Secrets of Eagle Creek series, The Legacy of Eagle Creek - published by Dancing With Bear Publishing.

Latest Releases:


Linda Joy Singleton

Jan Britland

Joe Linsdell

VS Grenier

A good book opens an exciting world for our children. 
VS Grenier takes children of all ages on intriguing adventures in the World of Ink. 

Available on Amazon, Kindle, B&N and any other major bookstore. Learn more at

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