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This is a draft version. It is part of Meeting the God of America, a book i am desperately trying to complete. If you would please, read and express your feelings on flow.

thank you


Meeting the God of America is a novel concept. I toyed with the idea of using a small “g” for God because I am becoming less confident that the god we claim is the God I know, or at least am getting to know. His attributes, which are supposed to be woven through us, creating a tapestry of the beauty He is, seem to have been diluted greatly in the short time of my human awareness. What Christendom claims and how it behaves simply do not seem to operate in concert with one another. Who has it right? Who has it wrong? Are these two questions mutually exclusive?

July 8, 1978, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I hesitate to say I made Him Lord, because my life would certainly not provide evidence of such a brazen statement. My hope is that His Lordship is a process and that I have at least stumbled along the path of such a process in the many years since my claim. It is fact, however, that along the road I have made many things, people, and desires, my god, as have most. This diminishes God in no way. My feeble existence is minute and powerless to alter His being in any way. I only admit this to you, because it is honest. He is God – Creator and Upholder. This I believe.
My hope is that you will indulge me to a degree as I share some of my own very real experiences woven in and throughout the chapters of this book. I will make very real attempts to apply them to the primary theme of this work, which is, g(G)od is represented in many forms, faiths, beliefs, acts, and hearts of us all, in some way or another. Furthermore, eliminating, in full or in part, the judgments, arguments, battles, violence, bigotry, intolerance, hate, and more, is an integral component to the purpose and theme of this book.

I have no illusions that a panacea is being provided here. My humble hope is a tool for honest and open communication is delivered through these pages. My heart aches and is deeply saddened by the plethora of discord, both within the Church, and outside its walls. America is not just divided by the many beliefs and beliefs about beliefs; it is truly a land of separated peoples. Dogmas are militantly held by many, precluding a deeper spiritual awareness to penetrate and grow them. None has a full handle on the truth. None has full knowledge of the attributes of God.
What we believe, we should certainly hold dear, if we have come to those beliefs by our own seeking and experience. However, to shut out what wisdom is offered by another, even if from a different faith than our own, because it is not in accord with our specific beliefs, including the minutiae, is foolish.

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