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Your Kingdom Come -an inspiration and challenge for turbulent times

Your Kingdom Come

Eagerly anticipated books arrive. 

Your Kingdom Come, announced by Australian Christian leaders as "... a strategic book of very real significance for these turbulent times."  



It's a teaching on victorious living, including character, behaviour and how to conduct our relationship with God.

In the Lord's Prayer Jesus was giving more than a liturgy, but an instruction about the whole of life. 


This book is for those those wanting to progress in the Kingdom. 

If you want to challenge the old paradigms, experience new perspective, walk in new vistas, this will help you do that.  

A Ministry resource for :- pastors, church department and group leaders and those wanting to lead others into a deeper life.






The Lord's Prayer is commonly thought to be a prayer of hastening the day of the coming of the Lord. I suspect it's more - it's not asking God "Is He going to come?" it's not praying, "Lord, please come." It is saying, "Your Kingdom come." It's a statement, a statement of fact. It's a faith statement. It's a statement that is declaring something.


The entire Lord's prayer may in fact be far more than we have normally accredited it with, more than a religious liturgy, or request for His involvement and benevolence in our lives but an instruction for the whole of life in fact. This book explores each piece of the Lord's Prayer in this light and comes up with some amazing constructs for living a powerful, God honouring overcoming life and being part of establishing His Kingdom on earth. I want to know how God is going to impact my life here and now.  


This prayer is in fact, not some little mamby pamby prayer that we’ve repeated since childhood. Rather, this is a glorious, fantastic, amazing statement of faith with which the people of God can change the world in which they live.





This is a book for troubled times. 

There is power in a believers faith filled prayer, but are we believing that God will hear and answer when we pray. How to get the ear of God is a question many ask, but perhaps a more important question How can God get our ear. Are we listening, are we hearing and are we obeying when we do hear?  
In difficult days there is nothing more important than hearing God for daily direction, protection and provision. 




World renowned International evangelist, Tim Hall put it like this in his forward to the book.   


A Ministry resource for:- 

  • Pastors, 
  • Church department and group leaders, 
  • Those wanting to lead participants in a deeper life, 
  • Those wanting to progress themselves deeper into the kingdom.  

"Your Kingdom Come could be read as an extended devotional, perhaps a chapter a day, mixed with prayer and serious meditation. For slower readers, perhaps only a portion of a chapter, depending upon how much time is available. But anyone who reads this book thoughtfully, and with a mind open to the Holy Spirit, will, in my opinion, be enriched by the encounter."
Rev Dr Ken Chant

Pic: L to R, Rev Dr Howard Sands, Rev Dr Ken Chant, Dr Alison Chant

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