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At 8:33pm on February 8, 2009, Margot Finke said…
Don, I have been on JacketFlap for ages. it is a great site for children's writers. They also have my Blog listed.

Margot Finke
Books for Children
Manuscript Critiques
At 7:52pm on February 8, 2009, Margot Finke said…
Good to have you as a friend Donald. I am new to this social network. Do any other of your "friends" write for children?

Margot Finke
"Rattlesnake Jam" + more!
Manuscript Critiques
At 3:17pm on January 29, 2009, TamaraLara said…
Thank's :o)
At 2:28pm on January 28, 2009, Nancy E. Williams said…
I missed the free e-books feature. I will most definitely go back and find it. I have some young grandsons who, I'm sure, would enjoy them and benefit from them also. Thanks for the heads up!
At 5:36pm on January 27, 2009, Nancy E. Williams said…
Mutual friends = Andrew Strom. I appreciated his outspoken response during the Lakeland "revival" when I was taking heat over my stand that it was NOT God. I have enjoyed many of his other articles as well.
At 5:52pm on January 25, 2009, Nancy E. Williams said…
Hi Donald,
Thanks for the invite. I finally got a minute to check out your website. How cool! Kudoes for writing to reach the kids. They live in difficult times. I discovered on your blogsite that we have some mutual friends! Blessings, and keep up the good work.
Nancy Williams
At 8:08am on January 22, 2009, J. R. LaGreca said…
Greetings James, Thanks for the invite. Good luck....JR
At 1:57am on January 22, 2009, Dr. Elon D. Bomani said…
Welcome anytime, and thanks for your kind offer.

At 9:32am on January 21, 2009, Dr. Elon D. Bomani said…
Thanks Donald for the invite. Much success to you in your book marketing endeavors.

Elon D. Bomani
The Dynamic Diva
At 9:27pm on December 18, 2008, Typing Monkey said…
Yes, there is a significant amount of self-published trash, but one needs look no further than TV (or films--I just saw the remake of The day the Earth...) to see professionally produced garbage (which proves that you can spend all kinds of money and still end up with a crappy product). So bad books abound, but the publishing world is getting a fresh new life from the seedlings that are growing even as the giants of the forest starve themselves from root rot. Happy New Year! Best of everything in 9!
At 3:46pm on December 4, 2008, Karla Casillas said…

The blessings we ask for this season
Aren't the kind that come wrapped with a bow;
We're asking for gifts from the heart,
Ones we need and never outgrow.
May we see in these bright decorations
With their colors and lights all aglow,
The beauty and wonder of life
That God's world was created to show.
Let the peace and goodwill of this season
Be feelings that we can extend
Far into the following year
To our neighbors, our family, and friends.
Most of all, may we always remember
To open our hearts every day and share all the love and the joy
In a special and meaningful way.

Karla Casillas

Sr. Wedding Planner


Happy Holidays!

At 1:47am on December 3, 2008, Jo Linsdell said…
I tried to use the trail version of bookcoverpro but couldn't get it to work. I might try it again when I've got more time to play around with it. Thanks for the suggestion
At 4:02pm on November 29, 2008, Tammy Bleck said…
Hi Don, Thanks for the invite. Yes, you're right, maybe it is time for a book toting the other side of the coin. A bit harder getting into the mind and heart of the single man. I do like a challenge though. Tell me a bit about you. Share, share!
At 9:56am on November 28, 2008, Jo Linsdell said…
Hi Don, thanks for your comment. I'm going to have a search for the programme you mentioned. I want to be able to make good covers myself without the expense (I know, I want a lot :)).
At 12:22am on November 28, 2008, Steven J. McCorkle said…
Hey Don!!!!! What a blessing to see you here! Looking forward to seeing you in person again. I hope all is well with your wife and family!!
At 6:02pm on November 27, 2008, Morningmoon said…
Hello Donald,

Thank you for the hand friendship :)

Looking forward to knowing you better... enjoy!
At 9:46am on November 27, 2008, T. T. Morgan said…
thank you for adding me as a friend!
At 7:59am on November 8, 2008, Jo Linsdell said…
Thank you for the invite and welcome back to the writing world :)
At 1:46pm on September 26, 2008, Karla Casillas said…
sorry about that, I was speaking by the cell.
My mistake in grammar. WHO - HOW
At 11:03am on September 13, 2008, Mary Deal said…
Aloha Donald,

I'm mostly off the PC today but wanted to thank you for the invite. Have a super day!


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