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At 3:48pm on May 29, 2010, Martha A. Cheves said…
Thank you Fran
At 5:45pm on March 12, 2010, Mary Verdick said…
Hi Fran;

Feelings are mutual. So nice to meet you.


At 5:53pm on January 13, 2010, charles m soto said…
Hi fran. Thanks again for taking the time to review Heartache & Sin. I was very pleased you injoyed the story. All my Blessings, Charles Soto. I also replied ia an emial about some book giveaways as well.
At 3:59pm on November 12, 2009, Sunni Morris said…
Thanks for the friend invite. You're one of the sweetest people I've ever met. I sincerely wish you the very best life can offer.
At 3:15pm on October 22, 2009, Fran Lewis added a gift to their profile…
thank you
At 3:05pm on September 29, 2009, John Cmint said…
Hi Fran,

Congratulations on your books, My Name is Bertha and now Bertha Speaks Out. I just wanted to mention to you a website I built called It's for authors to promote their book. You do so by posting your book's first chapter, giving readers a peek into your book. The site is free and the list of books is growing, so please check it out. :) BTW, good luck with your books!

p.s. You can also check out this blog post on the Already Published Ning Network, I explain how to post your book. You can also learn more about the website there.

At 10:58am on June 14, 2009, Karen Kennedy said…
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At 1:08am on May 16, 2009, Brian L Porter said…
Hi Fran,

I had nothing to do with getting the book released. Mythica, as the publisher, deals with all that. Being a traditional publisher they see to everything and I don't have to do a thing. It is difficult tracking your sales if you're not with a trad publisher. Were your books self-published?

I'm really excited about hte release of this one and will be blogging most of the day to announce its appearance. I haven't got your address yet. Did you send it to me at my normal email address or the Mythica one. I don't get to the Mythica mailbox every day so I'd better go check.

Hope to hear from you later.

Best regards

At 4:38pm on May 15, 2009, Brian L Porter said…
Hi Fran,

I just found out that Amazon released the paperback version of The Voice of Anton Bouchard today at

That was a nice surprise before going to bed.

Best regards

At 12:45am on May 15, 2009, Brian L Porter said…
Hi Fran,

I'd be honored to have a dedication page in your excellent and very worthwhile project. Would you like a simple dedication in memory of my Mother, who died in 2004, perhaps with the poem I wrote in her memory? Would that do?

As for my autograph for your copies of my books, I'd be happy to send you a couple of signature strips that can be pasted into the front of the books. I'll just need your mailing address.

Hope you have a wonderful day. My best wishes to you and your Mom.

At 4:00pm on May 14, 2009, Brian L Porter said…
By the way,

I forgot to tell you that it was your request for a sequel to 'Dracula Doesn't Live Here Anymore' in your review of that book that inspired me to write 'Kiss of Life', so I have to thank you for that too!

Best regards once more

At 3:56pm on May 14, 2009, Brian L Porter said…
Thanks so much once again Fran. You're a star, without a doubt.

My best regards and thanks

At 8:30am on May 14, 2009, Brian L Porter said…
Hi Fran,

A wonderful review and I thank you so much for taking such painstaking care to write such a detailed summary of the stories. There are just a couple of small typos in it and I've copied the whole review below and have marked them in bold. Perhaps you wouldn't mind changing them before placing it on Amazon or any other review sites? You can delete this post then and I'll re-add my thank you message.

My profuse gratitude once again.


Murder, Mayhem and Mexico

By: Brian L. Porter

Murder, Mayhem and Mexico is a brilliantly crafted compilation of three different stories all set in different places in Mexico. The first is “The Devil You Know,” which is about a 15 year old murder that is about to be solved. The next is “Compliments of the Boss,” which is kidnapping with a twist that the reader will not see coming. The final short story is a heartwarming and intriguing story of how a young child changes the life of a writer in an amazing and positive way.

The Devil You Know:

How far will someone go to keep a secret that could destroy the memory of a person? How far will a sister go to find out the truth about her younger brother’s disappearance and possible death? Such is the mystery behind this short, but interesting story about loyalty, deceit and murder.

Juan Morales is leaving the graveside of Father Rodrigo with the bishop of the church. The bishop wants to discuss the father and his death. As Juan is returning to where he left his car a young woman approaches him and asks to discuss the father and the disappearance of six choirboys in 1990 and the mystery behind the death of the priest.

Although Maria Lopez is a reporter, she is not there for a story. Her brother was one of the missing choirboys and she wants to find out the truth behind his and the other five boys disappearance. Thus begins the story, which began in 1990, and the unfolding of what really did happen.

The Father, as Juan related to her, was almost killed and disappeared along with the boys. The Father had apparently fallen fifty feet from the bell tower and was in the hospital. Juan went to see him and what happened next was both frightening and heartbreaking. When he visited the Priest in the hospital he was incoherent and started to say things that made no sense. Many of the things he said were quotes from the Old Testament that Juan thought had nothing to do with what happened to the missing boys.

The Priest kept repeating one thing over and over again. The Devil is in my Church. Juan did not understand at first what this meant or how his ramblings would lead to the missing choir boys and the truth behind his falling and what really happened to them.

When Morales does reveal the truth to Maria Lopez (Have deleted some words) all will become quite clear. But you will have to read this amazing murder mystery to learn the truth for yourself.

Compliments of the Boss

Angelina was hired to oversee the operations of a travel company. Going out one morning to work she traveled on a deserted road and stopped when she saw someone in trouble. The road was devoid of other cars and people and the man who stopped her quickly abducted her and placed her in the back of his car.

When they arrived at their destination and he had her tied up she demanded to know and understand the motive behind his kidnapping. There were many kidnappings in the area and she knew that none of the victims ever saw the light of day again.

The kidnapper assumed that from her appearance she was rich and that her family or her employer would pay handsomely for her return. Going along with his demands and his train of thought, Angelina convinced him to call her agency, Aztec Travel. The kidnapper stated they would pay for her return.

Cunning, clever and deceitful, Angelina must devise her own plan to get away from this multiple rapist and kidnapper. Convincing him to allow her to go to the bathroom was the kidnapper’s downfall. Who is Angelina? Why was she able to overtake this man and teach him one final lesson? Who does she really work for and what is the mystery behind the drug trafficking and other illegal businesses that flourish in that area? Who does she really work for and what is her deadly secret? This reviewer will not reveal anymore. You need to read this story for yourself to find out the rest.

Mexican Therapy

A writer from England misses the companionship of his wife who left him. Finding a place to live in a small Mexican village, Harry learns the true meaning of friendship and kindness from a small child and her family.

Sitting alone and brooding about his life, a precious young child comes up to speak with him. Telling him that she is related to the people where he lives, he engages himself in a conversation with Maria Alvarez. This conversation not only leads to a life changing experience for Harry but a possible miracle too.

Asking him to join her and her family to visit a close friend, she explains that this person will be able to make him feel better and understand his suffering and pain. The only thing is, he has to bring along a swimsuit on his journey, as this meeting will take place in the water.

The friend’s name is Nuna and he finds her in a pool. She was a magnificent creature and as he spoke with her he began not only feeling better but happier. He spent two hours talking with her and when he left he realized what people meant by “the therapeutic effect of swimming with the dolphins.”

He returns to see her many times and learns what she was able to do for Maria and how she cured the child from a fatal illness. Who is Nuna? What life changing results happened to Harry as a result of meeting her? You need to read this heartwarming story that will renew your faith in people and miracles.

Once again Brian L. Porter has written a five star short story book that embraces not the genres of mystery and thriller but a beautifully written short story about real life as well.

This reviewer would love to find out more about Nuna and what else Angelina has in store for anyone that crosses her. Perhaps there will be a sequel to both stories.
Fran Lewis

At 7:27pm on May 6, 2009, Debbie Tortorigi-Lawrence said…
Fran, I note your book deals with Alzheimer's Disease and perhaps it would be a great fit for my 1 million Memories project! My foundation raises funds for Alzheimer's Association and I'd love to discuss it with you further.. Please feel free to drop me an email and contact info to debbie (at) lagniappemarketing (dot) net. I'm looking forward to speaking with you!
At 8:17am on May 5, 2009, Christian Schaal said…
Wow, great profile!

Yuo can email your piece whenever ready. If you could paste it into the body of an email, it may be better. For some reason I just cannot open your docs....It is perplexing me.

At 9:49am on May 4, 2009, Brian L Porter said…
Thabnks Fran,

I'm glad to hear you've got the sci-fi bug. You must see the new Star Trek movie when it comes your way.

Best regards

At 8:30am on May 4, 2009, Brian L Porter said…
Thanks Fran,

The cover design is based on a 19th century work called 'The Vampire' by Philip Burne-Jones (1897), a superb piece of art that has passed into the public domain, and just what I wanted for this book. Will keep you posted on the release date.

Best regards

At 5:10am on May 4, 2009, Brian L Porter said…
HI Fran,

I certainly hope you enjoy it. By the way, you said you'd love to read a sequel to 'Dracula Doesn't Live Here Anymore'. Well, I've written one. It's a full length novella and takes up the tale a year after Dexter left Christina in Romania. It will be published in paperback and e book by Mythica later this year and here's a sneak preview of the work on the cover art so far.

At 12:34am on May 4, 2009, Brian L Porter said…
Hi Fran,

Of course I'd love to see your review of Murder, Mayhem and Mexico. I love to hear what you think of my humble offerings.

Best regards

At 1:10am on May 2, 2009, Brian L Porter said…
Well done a great result with your Mom's care Fran. I'd love to read your book but must say that I can't promise to do it right away as I have TONS of submissions to read for the anthology and of course, I'm also writing as well. If you want to send it to me at my thriller editor address I will get to it as son as I possibly can, if that's ok with you.

Did I ask if you'd cast a vote for me in the Covey Trailer awards by the way? I think I did but I'm not sure. The details are in one of my recent bog posts.

I'm still struggling with my depression b ut keeping going so far.

Best regards Fran.



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