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A fascinating adventure set in the past awaits sci-fi enthusiasts and thriller fans in Robert P. Fitton’s 1927!
1927 introduces readers to the ambitious Charlie Russo, an avid New York Yankees fan, who becomes part of the remarkable events of the year 1927, including Babe Ruth’s quest for sixty home runs, Charles Lindbergh's flight across the Atlantic and the infamous Dempsey-Tunney “Long Count” fight.
Jamal, a time traveler from the distant future has a crucial mission. She befriends Charlie, but didn’t plan on falling in love. From Boston to Niagara Falls, they are pursued by government agents and ruthless bioenergy beings. Under attack, Jamal tries to save the human race from eventual destruction by attempting to send an outer space signal high above midtown Manhattan. Will Jamal and Charlie survive? Will humanity survive? Join Charlie and Jamal and travel back in time to 1927 where the impossible becomes possible.

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