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Accidental Heroes, Accidental Villains

Available now Announcing the arrival of Accidental Heroes, Accidental Villains, a novel about a Chinese family's struggles with war, revolution, diaspora, love, and the Triads. Follow the Lee family as it traversed continents and the centuries. See one mans rise from the obscurity of the California gold rush to preeminence in the underground realm of one of the worlds oldest civilizations. Feel the humility, the passion, and the turmoils of subsequent generations as they become embroiled in Chinas tumultuous history since the Qing Manchus.

The book traces five generations of a Chinese family, from the mid-1800s to the present, and portrays the family's struggles with racism, riots, revolutions, world wars, and triads (organized crime).

Lee Sing Mun left China in 1857 for the United States, first to search for gold and later as a labourer on the railroads. The Chinese Exclusion Act, and a gang of racist thugs, forced him to return to China, and his wife in 1882. Little did he suspect that this was the beginning of his family's intimate role in the next 150 years of Chinese history. Nor did he suspect that one day, his legacy would span a multinational enterprise caught in a vicious circle of honour and sin.

Will the Lee family ever escape the cycle of crime and violence that has haunted it for generations?

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