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In the spring of 2011, Mai Martin, a restless American woman, married without children, takes an English-language-expert job at a fictional university in Beijing, leaving her husband of twenty years behind in Northern California. He is unusually supportive, but then, he has motives of his own. When she discovers that her computer is being monitored and hacked by Chinese security and she is being followed by North Korean operatives, she finds out much more about these motives. But when he comes to Beijing for a visit, all hell breaks loose. It’s not just their marriage at risk; it’s their lives. Beijing Abduction is a romantic thriller set in contemporary China with a deep cyber-spying theme.
This story was inspired by the author’s own experiences when she worked for a year at a Chinese university. The character, Mai Martin, developed in the author’s imagination as she tried to make sense of the intense cyber scrutiny she was subjected to.

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