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Doctors Who Cure Cancer (Kindle Book Trailer)

Amazon Kindle Book "Doctors Cure Cancer" by Dr. Artour Rakhimov.

Can we cure cancer? Yes. Cancer cure is possible. Russian and Ukrainian doctors prove this. One of these doctors even organized and published the results of the most successful clinical trial on metastatic cancer in the whole history of oncology. The study is based on the medical therapy that increases body O2 content. The results were published in “Oncology” (Kiev, Ukraine) scientific journal. All individuals had a common medical care which included surgical procedure and chemotherapy. About 50 % of all individuals studied respiratory exercises. This breathing re-training team of learners had 95.5% 3-year survival, whereas the regular group's 75.5%.

This Kindle book evaluates more than 160 health related research studies related to key factors behind cancer tumors (their causes and pH) as well as breathing parameters for individuals with cancer. Why respiration is a very important aspect in treatment of cancers?

On a cell level, any type of cancer tumors has one single cause: lowered oxygen pressure in cancer cells and other body tissues. Certainly, there are a great number of supplementary factors that promote advancement of most cancers (pollution, contaminants, junk foods, lack of exercise, etc.). But on a cell level, development of cancer cells is based on and controlled by body oxygen concentrations.

There are numerous professional medical articles that calculated respiratory frequency, breathing amount for each minute, and carbon dioxide pressure in the alveoli in folks with cancerous cells. The results of these healthcare papers are astonishing. Each and every health related article assert that measured respiration rate in people with cancerous cells was very nearly 2-3 times more quickly than the clinical norm that is approximately 12 breaths for every minute: Cancer treatment: breathing

Individuals with cancers require far too much air for each breath with low CO2 in exhaled air. One cannot cure cancer if he or she breathes much more than the norm.

Breathing additional air when compared with the medical norm causes deficits of CO2 in the bronchi, blood and other tissues of the body. As a result, low CO2 leads to spasm of the diameter of arterial blood vessels. That causes reduced blood circulation for the malignancies and all other cells of the body. On top of that, reduced blood carbon dioxide saturation results in the suppressed oxygen release in body cells. This is labeled the Bohr effect. Red blood cells can not efficiently discharge oxygen to nerve cells of the brain any time blood carbon dioxide concentrations is beneath the standard.

Because of this, because low oxygen pressure in body organs is the most important reason for cancers on a cell level, deep and heavy basal or automatic breathing is the principal cause of malignant tumors on the levels that individuals can tackle. It looks like indeed cancerous cells can occur and expand only in the individuals who breathe far more air.

Their hyperventilation can be treated with a number of respiration methods just like the Buteyko method designed by top rated Soviet healthcare professional Dr K. P. Buteyko. One of many students of Dr. Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko, Dr. Sergey Paschenko implemented the Buteyko method on people with the early phase of metastatic breast cancer.

The book analyzes this study in details and suggests that people who practiced breathing exercises and who had only cancer (without additional diseases) recovered from metastatic cancer. The only 3 participants that died in 3-year period had over conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes.

Paperback book from Amazon Doctors Cure Cancer

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