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Chain Saw Economics – Attack of the Tsunami 2nd Wave!!

Is it over? Gas price is now cheaper to buy than my Grande Nonfat
Chai tea at Starbucks, wow in fact I filled my Supercrew F-150 with a running on fumes empty tank for $40 bucks, wow 2 months ago the pump would kick off before it was full because it exceeded $75 smackers. Want to talk about economics and start learning about the Money Mattes Network 5 “P”s for Prosperity?
Join me live every Monday on 4:30 eastern, 2:30 Mountain and 1:30 Pacific, (if you are central you have to do the math)
Join me on my show and let’s talk about your economic world and how we can make a difference for you or you can listen to some of my past shows below.

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