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In the 1980’s, Darryl “Lil’ D” Reed became the youngest and most successful rock-cocaine dealer on the mean streets of Oakland, California.
Darryl was raised in and taught the street hustle game at an early age, by the most noteworthy street legend in the history of the Bay Area, Felix Mitchell. Felix gave young Darryl the codes of the streets and warned him that if Darryl chose to live the life of a gangster, then he must also clearly understand and follow the codes as rules and live by them. Darryl and his crew would later become an off-shoot version of the 69th Village MOB, which stood for My Other Brother.
At the age of 13, Darryl witnessed the older members of the MOB being brought down by the FBI. Later that night he learned that Felix was also arrested.
Within months after the arrest of the older members of the MOB, a new drug called crack-cocaine came to the forefront of America’s problems and Oakland and Darryl Reed were in the middle of it. Darryl was introduced to the cocaine sales game by his friend, Rick and the two boys invested in the drug.
The rest is what they say legends are made of, money, power and women. What separated Darryl from others was that he got the money and power before the age of 20. Small in stature, young Darryl was large in the streets and a millionaire. Inside you will read about his journey.

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