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This is just one of the many miracle stories in the new book On The Road To Hope. Rabiah was 12 and certain to death. God raised her right from her death bed.
Inspire Book Group, Inc. starts online sales of the book that will reach and touch lives around the world.

"On The Road To Hope”: Real Life Journeys of Faith is an anthology compiled by various award winning writers, screenplay writers and published Christian authors who have written about extraordinary spiritual journeys through some of life’s most severe circumstances, depicting tragedies, miracles, adversities or life events that were extraordinary in nature. Rabiah, 12 years old lay in a coma for 14 months after most of her brain was obliterated. Doctors removed all life support and bid the family to come near for final goodbyes. Mom and Dad were at her bedside, all support removed. Arrangements for final rest were in process. As parents prepared to leave the room, within just 7 minutes of all support being removed, Rabiah opened her eyes and said, “I love you.” This is just one of the many miracle stories that will touch your soul.

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