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Perry Brass talks about his mesmerizing novel of horror set in the international world of business, Warlock, A Novel of Possession

Perry Brass talks about his mesmerizing novel Warlock, a Novel of Possession.  

Suspenseful. Voluptuously erotic. A demonic, queer Rosemary’s Baby, set in the glittering, international world of greed and power. Allen Barrow, a shy bank clerk, dresses out of discount stores and has a small penis that embarrasses him. One night he meets Destry Powars—commanding, vulgar, seductive, successful—who pulls Allen into his orbit and won’t let go. Destry lives in a closed, moneyed world that Allen can only glimpse through the pages of tabloids. From generations of drifters, Powars has been chosen to learn a secret language based on force, deception, and nerve. But who chose him—and what does he really want from Allen? What are Mr. Powars’s dark powers? These are the mysteries that Allen will uncover in Warlock, a novel that is as paralyzing in its suspense as it is voluptuously erotic.
“In this book, Perry Brass has added to the annals of gay lit.” Richard LaBonte, in Book Marks.
Winner Ippy Award from Independent Publisher Magazine, best gay and lesbian book, 2002.
Warlock, 226 pages, $12.95, ISBN 1-892149-03-6

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