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Pointers For Successful Newspaper Pitches

Pointers for Successful Newspaper Pitches
From: laphillips52 | Aug 3, 2011 | 28 views Looking for some easy publicity? Think about newspapers. Besides getting into their event calendars by announcing your speaking appearances and book signings you can pitch an article:
• Pitch for a review of your book; even during a slow news period it will help if you can give them a connection to the area. Maybe the book is set in the local area. Did you grow up or attend college nearby?
• Offer to write a piece covering an aspect of the plot; is the protagonist enmeshed in a domestic violence situation or maybe you've written an historical fiction novel and because of your research you can discuss an interesting detail or factoid connected to the story.
• Perhaps you could suggest an interview focused on the specifics of your literary career or novel.
After you've got them on the spot, try starting with your 'elevator pitch' -- that 1 or 2 sentence attention grabber.

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