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Tanglewood Forest is a tale of two young boys lost within an enchanted ‘triangle’ deep in the Vermont wilds. In their efforts to return to their parents they encounter witches and werewolves, a host of other creatures, and an irascible spider that just wont quit. Written in a manner to appeal to all ages, it has moments of humor and horror. Fast paced and with a plot not so complicated as to leave younger readers confounded, but with twists enough to satisfy the more mature reader.

Allen and Joseph go astray while on a camping vacation in Vermont with their parents. Stumbling into the infamous ‘Tanglewood Triangle’ they soon encounter the mysterious Nostrum Cobbs, who, despite their best efforts only seems to send them deeper and deeper into the wilds. Over coming hordes of rats, freezing snow and burning sun, they come at last to the isolated home of the Tindle sisters.
. A sometimes ‘tongue in cheek’ story of the tales that sent us to bed at night as children with our heads under the covers, but at times throws light on why we put our heads under the covers.
Culminating in a frantic middle of the night chase and a spectacular magical battle, Tanglewood Forest will enthrall and captivate young and older readers alike.

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