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After years of slogging around in despair throwing one pity party after another for myself, I slowly discovered the secret to the answer to miracles. I was blessed with one miracle after another. Do you need a medical miracle? According to Forbes there are only about 300 documented cases of the spontaneous remission of tumors-add me to the list. My doctor, an MD Anderson fellow, was ready to remove half my pancreas when in pre-op he discovered that in the space of one month between detection and surgery, my tumor shrank to the size of a pencil dot. That was a year and a half ago and I am pancreatitis and cancer free! Do you need a job miracle? At fifty-three I went back to work and became 1.1% of all screenwriters to get a movie made. I never took a class in screenwriting and didn’t even know screen writing programs existed. Do you need a family miracle? After a decade and a half of misery and struggling-the light is beaming down. I want to share my journey to help you get through trying times faster than I did. Miracles happen. The extraordinary is waiting for you to tap in. Join me in “The Answer to Miracles.”

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