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The Ezekiel Code - "2012 is coming...Or is it?"


1887 AD:
A fabled "lost scroll", scribed by the prophet Ezekiel, comes into the hands of a secret society, the Order of the New Dawn. Brother Hiram - a mystic priest of the Order - has a vision in which he sees the year 2012 (the end of the ancient Mayan calendar) as an unprecedented window of opportunity for the next step in the evolution of human consciousness. He also sees something coming that would prevent this window from opening; a catastrophic event that, if left unchecked, would seal the fate of humankind forever. He realizes the Lost Scroll and his vision of 2012 have a strange but vital connection. In an attempt to save the future he devises a coded message that he hopes will one day find it's way into the hands of someone who can prevent the greatest natural catastrophe the modern world has ever known.

1999 AD:
Frank McClintock - a self-styled adventurer and researcher of ancient mysteries - comes into possession of the coded parchment. But an unfortunate fate awaits him and the parchment will lie hidden for another six years.

2005 AD:
Zeke Banyon, a Catholic seminary dropout, is running a homeless shelter in the old waterfront district of Seattle. He and his assistant, Angela, unwittingly stumble upon the code and soon find themselves thrust into a world of secret societies, metaphysics, mystery, and murder. In the process of trying to understand the code – and dodging rogue Jesuit priests and the mysterious Illuminati at every turn – Banyon discovers a disturbing truth about himself and the extraordinary fate that awaits him... and us. No amount of seminary schooling could ever have prepared him for this.

2012 is coming...Or is it?
The clock is ticking...
The code must be deciphered...
And only one man can save the planet...
If he can just figure out how - before it's too late.

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